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  1. Traded, thus this is now closed - thank you to all the interested.
  2. Subject to a recent a trade offer this is either traded or withdrawn. Thank you to everyone who messaged me with interest.
  3. Last chance to get this. I've made one final price reduction. Surely someone wants it at this price?
  4. Just got one of these in a natural swamp ash. Excellent bass, very versatile. Have a free bump on me.
  5. Whoop, 1 week left. Someone must be interested? 😉
  6. Final month! If this doesn't sell by August 31st, I've decided to keep it! Don't miss out on this bargain.
  7. Bump, seriously no love for a german made, wenge neck beauty? This thing sounds absolutely incredible.
  8. How much cash are you wanting for the Corvette Pro? Edit: Actually, it'll assist you to sell if you put a value next to each item in the post.
  9. £750 £600 £550ono Comes with a Warwick Rockbag Hardcase, free delivery. It does have some wear above both pickups where the previous owner rested his thumb while playing. There is also a slight chip in the back of the headstock. Finally, one of the tuning pegs was replaced by the previous owner at an undisclosed date. stats - Bass Corvette FNA Jazmann 4 string Serial Number C 061032 99 Year 1999 Month March Number 061032 Neck Wood Wenge Wood Fingerboard Wenge Frets Bronce Warwick Frets Nut Just a Nut Brass Version Neck construction Bolt On Body - Top Side 2 pcs. solid Flame Maple Wood - Back Side 2 pcs. solid US Swamp Ash Surface Pickups passive MEC J and MM Pickup with open Pool pieces Electronic 3 Band Seymour Duncan ative Electronic Hardware Black Hardware made for Warwick Made in Germany / 08258 Markneukirchen Weight: 3.8kg (approx) Feel free to message me if you'd like more information, or to pop round to give it a test/inspection.
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