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  1. Sorry. In the US it refers to service organizations that have local lodges. Moose Club, Eagles Club, Elks Club, for example. They are private clubs and usually are a gentler venue than a typical bar or pub. I'm new here so forgive my assumptions! I am still learning how to navigate the site. Seems like a great bunch of folks here.
  2. I'm Mark and I live in a small town near Orlando Florida called Howey-In-The-Hills. I just discovered Basschat and decided to sign up as I really would like a more international perspective on all things bass related. I have played as a pro for many years. I was born in Philadelphia, PA and gigged along the Jersey shore, the Baltimore/Washington DC area and Florida. I've played many gigs from roadhouse bars in Florida (chicken wire?) to The White House in DC. I like all kinds of music but find R&B styles the most enjoyable to play. I have many basses but mostly I use an old Lakland Joe Osborn, an older Lakland 4-94 and a twenty year old Modulus Quantum 5. I use Aguilar amps, either a DB750 or a Tonehammer 700 with DB112 cabs. Currently I play with a couple of bands around central Florida, mostly covers with some originals. Not too many bar gigs these days, mostly tourist venues and the "animal clubs". I do some recording with a drummer / songwriter using Logic Pro X on my iMac. Photo of the rig at Old Town in Kissimmee, FL
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