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  1. @kodiakblair I'm joking about dobbing them in. It didn't come across that way in my post though. When I said it out loud, it sounded like a joke I just checked again, and it's €875. I don't know how good or bad that price is. PM and I can send you the link if you want.
  2. Using my limited language "skills", I've managed to find fakers being sold in Italy, via Chi-na. Also some in Latvia, but they're not fakes, they're ones that might make you Rock Better. There's also a Spanish gumtree style website which has a Jayo and Oakland (private sellers selling them on used obviously), both of which I've not heard of, and they're around the €600 mark, which seems a bit pricey but if they're as good as what they claim they are, then they could be worth a punt. There's a store selling a new faker in Spain as well (can't remember brand), and someone on the Fretboard pointed out it was a chinese job, but is also over the €500 mark. I'm half tempted to dob them in, seeing as if I didn't know, I'd have paid that for it! I wouldn't mind, there used to regularly be some ones that make you Rock Better for sale on an Irish classified site over the years, and I used to always chuckle at the name. Now they're nowhere to be found! Speaking of fakers, I vaguely remember in the early 90s a guitar brand called deVille or something like that, used to make guitars very much like Rics.
  3. I thought Rics were the coolest looking basses until I browsed the Serek website. The Midwestern, the Midwestern 2, and the Sacramento are beautiful looking things. If I win the lotto, I'm splashing out on a Serek and a Ric, both to be ordered on the same day, sight unseen... "Have them washed and sent to my chamber!"
  4. @TheMaartian true , I didn’t realise.
  5. Check out any of the live Motörhead stuff. Power chords...
  6. I saw this band live in 2008. No guitar, just 2 bass playes and drums. They were f*cking brilliant. Think yer guy was playing a fake ric or rockinbetter, something along those lines. This track is awesome, as thon yank would be inclined to say:
  7. I am guessing a thinner neck past the 7th fret is why these are popular with folk who like to use power chords for the more rock or punk oriented stuff? As a guitar player usually, I find past the 7th fret on a bass is where my left hand starts to get "tired". More practice will sort that out over time, but I can see the appeal of a "thinner" neck as you get up the fretboard.
  8. How does the Northwest bridge fare v the Wilkinson one. As I mentioned, I have a Wilkinson one on my Vintage V4, but it's been a long time since I would have played anything with a "decent decent" bridge, so have nothing to compare it off. No problems with Wilkinson bridges on any guitars I have played with them, such as teles etc.
  9. Anyone ever try a Hagstrom Viking short scale ?
  10. @TheMaartian the single pickup version had a piezo pickup too but this one does look pretty cool.
  11. @kodiakblair that link is great thanks. Question though. Since my body is a northwest shop bare body, I am guessing the pickguard I choose should be MIM or MIA and not MIJ?
  12. Tort pickguards seem to go from a tenner upwards ... Any particular brands you’d recommend ? Six of one etc ?
  13. Interesting suggestions on the bridges!
  14. Because you often see people selling online who will post to "mainland UK only". They've either forgotten NI is in the UK or won't post there. Not suggesting the OP has forgotten, is unaware, or won't post there!
  15. Could you post this to Northern Ireland/UK? Or are you posting to mainland UK only? (New to bass myself after a while away, so assume this would be ok for a p bass?)
  16. Thanks for the advice. I should have checked in there earlier!
  17. Hi all. A recent addition to the forum, and new to going about a p bass build. Fairly new to bass parts, and bass bits and bobs in general. I wouldn't call it a build exactly. I have a jazz neck and sunburst p body, both from northwest guitars so it will be a case of assembling it... I'll tip away at it this year I think, as in no rush to get it completed, so I'm looking for some advice on what you would recommend I should get. I've used wilkinson hardware on guitars before, and my current Vintage V4 is all wilkinson hardware and I have no issues with tuning etc but any other brands I should be looking at? e.g. tuners? bridge? electrics? decent straplocks? neck plate? volume/tone pots? From a bass side of things, this is all new to me... Should I just keep an eye out for used? I might go for speed knobs for volume and tone and I'll leave pickup selection for last. Pickguard will be a tort one I reckon. If speed knobs are tricky, I'll just go for standard p bass volume and tone knobs. I don't need to go top of the line with parts necessarily, but don't want to have junk on there either. (thinking MIM standard etc)
  18. I picked up a Vintage V4 p bass recently, and plays well "out of the box" and got it a good price.. A bit on the heavy side, but no real dramas yet. Plays well up the neck, and holds tune. I have a spare jazz neck I was going to put on it, but didn't realise until after the fact that the dimensions on the Vintage can vary ever so slightly, so am going to keep an eye for a classic vibe p bass and stick the neck on it. These seem to get good reviews, and I'd probably mod it as well with the pickguard, and volume tone knobs.
  19. My first post! I had a Squier Bronco last year for recording at home. Intonation wasn't great on it, so I moved it on. There's a Gibson SG faded EB3 and a standard EB3 about a 4 hour drive away from me, so once restrictions relax, I might take an (essential) trip to try them out. I like the fact they sound very different to a p bass for example. The standard is more expensive than the faded obviously. Any players of these recent ones? Would love if Dano released a short scale 59 bass.
  20. Hi all, long time lurker but only just registered. I’ve been playing bass on and off for 20 years. Guitar is my main instrument but I played bass for a trad rock band at one stage and also recorded bass for an indie folk album. Most recently I picked up a Vintage V4 p bass to build up my chops again. I’d like to play live bass again. Got burned out with the whole covers game so if I get back to it I’d like to play bass! I know I’m based between Ireland and Spain ( Ireland currently!) but use a postal service with a UK address from time to time so might pick up a bargain here along the way! Followed a lot of the threads here over the years. I came over from The Fretboard.
  21. Is this sold ? I’d be interested and would cover postage to Ireland if it can be done , even if the neck is taken off it for easy transport.
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