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  1. I see what you’re saying there, but I’m also playing a totally different style of music to one that OP says he/she plays in much larger and smaller venues. I have another passive/aggressive point I’d like to make which I hope you will feel free to misinterpret so that we can add a minimum of five pages of back and forth which totally derails the thread. Hope that helps..
  2. I have something totally different that I paid a lot more for and I’m really happy with it. You should get one of those instead.
  3. I got a Sire U5 recently. Very happy with it.
  4. Jason Isbell knows how to write a sad one.. or two And so does Jonathan Wilson
  5. Solo guitars have a Musicman like kit. Currently out of stock but here’s the link: https://www.solomusicgear.com/product/solo-mm-style-diy-bass-guitar-kit-basswood-body-maple-neck/
  6. Could be worse! I asked for a quote to ship to Dublin - £16, came to £27 total = GAS cured😎
  7. Created a lot of earworms. Some great songs with great hooks beyond Stacy’s Mom. RIP
  8. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco had it for a year giving occasional half hearted listens but not really seeing what all the fuss was about, then stuck it in car and listened to it three times through and the rest is history. Reckon Wilco are one of the best bands out there.
  9. +1 for what Norm said. If that’s your amp then that’s the most cost effective answer to your perfectly reasonable question. It has an aux-in to connect to the music source of your choice (phone, cd player, mp3 player) and a headphone out ( might need a 1/4 in to 3.5mm adapter depending on your headphones) I wanted something similar but with a bit more portability for moving from room to room. In the end I got a Zoom B1 Four. It has aux in ( use a 3.5mm to 3.5 mm cable from the phone/mp3 player). Headphone out is via the output socket (my headphones have the 3.5mm jack so a 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter is needed). It can double as an effects pedal if you fancy trying those out. It also has a tuner and drum machine built in which are handy but not what you specified.
  10. Recent convert from lurking and stalking threads related to amps and cabs to buying and loving. Having taken advantage of previous nad and ncd threads to help me decide how to replace my TC BG250-115mk1 I thought I’d share too. The Reidmar 502 sounds great with the Markbass 102HF. Lots of tonal variety available and plenty of spare volume headroom (that air won’t move itself..) the only downside is that the improvement in quality from my old BG250-115mk1 means I can now hear the problems with my technique very clearly. Spent a few minutes wondering what the rhythmic clicking sound was until I realised it was my fingers tapping the pickup poles as I played. Hadn’t heard that before😔. The new setup also highlights the difference between each bass guitar. The character of each bass is more apparent and range of tonal variety available just using each guitar’s controls is a bonus.
  11. Blues band- so it depends on the song. Some are riff specific so I try and stay close enough but look to add or maintain the swing/groove ( highly dependant on the drummer). Some bass lines are nothing like the original recorded version and it’s like playing an original. The great thing about playing the blues is there’s lots of freedom to either interpret or reproduce 🕺
  12. Sam Lewis in Whelans, Dublin Great songs and funny, relaxed stage presence. Also really nice to chat to post gig. If you like John Prine then check out Sam if he’s playing near you.
  13. +1 for the zoom b1 four. Easy enough to set up and, as Al said, there’s threads with patch ideas to help get you started ( though most of the patches are metal inclined). There’s also a software package ( Guitar Lab) that makes editing the patches and chain even easier. There are a few boxes that were all ticked for me over the other choices that I looked at: - price - tuner - drum machine - battery life - aux in There’s also the opportunity to disappear down the rabbit hole of combining a massive array of amp/speaker/effect combinations 😎 For just noodling along without accompaniment I use the Behringer P2.
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