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  1. https://amp.theguardian.com/music/2022/jan/11/burke-shelley-frontman-with-welsh-rock-band-budgie-dies-aged-71
  2. Usual T&Cs apply but this is my submission for today
  3. For Those I Love last Wednesday (brilliant), pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs last Saturday (loud) and John Grant this coming Wednesday. A good mix of styles.
  4. +1 for this, not just for your own rehearsals and gigs. They make a big difference to attending gigs too. No ringing in the ears afterwards.
  5. Used to be all pick( Dunlop 88s) now use mostly fingers with this as the pleck of choice when required
  6. I got one of these and have been very happy with it. Full disclosure, I stuck flatwounds on it😉 And welcome to Basschat.
  7. Or Blues, stay well away from the Blues..
  8. I see what you’re saying there, but I’m also playing a totally different style of music to one that OP says he/she plays in much larger and smaller venues. I have another passive/aggressive point I’d like to make which I hope you will feel free to misinterpret so that we can add a minimum of five pages of back and forth which totally derails the thread. Hope that helps..
  9. I have something totally different that I paid a lot more for and I’m really happy with it. You should get one of those instead.
  10. I got a Sire U5 recently. Very happy with it.
  11. Jason Isbell knows how to write a sad one.. or two And so does Jonathan Wilson
  12. Solo guitars have a Musicman like kit. Currently out of stock but here’s the link: https://www.solomusicgear.com/product/solo-mm-style-diy-bass-guitar-kit-basswood-body-maple-neck/
  13. Could be worse! I asked for a quote to ship to Dublin - £16, came to £27 total = GAS cured😎
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