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  1. I’m at the point where I’m just gonna hang this on the wall as rock n roll furniture.
  2. I'll get it weighed tonight. Yeah I can ship no problem.
  3. Ah ok. I bought it from a chap in NI.
  4. Neck now not available. Traded elsewhere.
  5. My days of buggering about with six string and bass effects are done and dusted. Some with boxes and some not. Happy to add extra pics of specific pedals if asked. All 25 each posted.
  6. Just a sale on this buddy. Epic clear out taking place.
  7. Excellent condition. No box. 100 posted UK
  8. As new. With box. £175 posted UK.
  9. US made SUB. In the harder to find grey colour. Has been well used but sounds great. A stingray in all but name for half the price. Same wood, same electronics and made in the same factory. Comes with generic used hardcase.
  10. Have this for sale as this was the neck I bought to swap on this body. Could maybe do a deal on them together.
  11. Hoppus body, scratchplate and neckplate that has been loaded with an EMG pickup. Aftermarket P neck with brass nut. Neck feels like a Flea bass neck. Not narrow at the nut but shallow profile. Body has been refinished and reliced by a previous owner. Cool bass but not needed any more.
  12. Holy shite. Indescribable raw power. I’m like a dog with two Richards today ✊️
  13. Sale cancelled and silly decision avoided. It's a keeper and it's staying. 👍
  14. No love for this great amp? I'll give a day or two and off she goes to ebay.
  15. Ok, ok, ok, ok!!!!!!!! i think the message is clear here. Two 8x10’s is the only way forward.
  16. Nobody has mentioned if they've actually run a 610 and and 810 together yet either...
  17. Which also add to the visual impact and silliness.
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