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  1. Warwick Katana 4-string

    These pictures ;-)
  2. NEW PRICE! £25 off the dyn-b (now £175) or get both for £250
  3. I'll take the headway.
  4. Naughty favourites

    [quote name='elephantgrey' timestamp='1508874195' post='3395093'] Bitcrushers are amazing. I love my iron ether frantabit. Loads of 8bit-y, digital nonsense. [/quote] Ooh, I've not come across this. Investigation underway. Thanks!
  5. Naughty favourites

    I've got loads of the standard, boring, essential electric/upright pedals (compressor, preamp, eq, boost) but I need some exciting filth! What are your naughty, favourite fx that make you giggle, personalise your sound, or that you just couldn't live without?? I'll start; tc electronics trinity for bowed double bass is amazing! Sounds like like whales engaging in S&M 😉
  6. Musicman Stingray 5 1994 - £1100

    [quote name='smith42' timestamp='1508516659' post='3392740'] Hi I am from Slovakia ... [/quote] Unfortunately I'm not touring in Slovakia. ☹️