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  1. This was pointed out to me a few days ago, That I looked like the great Gerry Garcia (albeit on bass). Anyone else had any comparisons?
  2. Hi. Don't ya hate it when in the middle of placing an order online your computer detects an error and shuts down. Well so do I and that's how I ended up with 2 MarkBass Amp Gig bags. I only need one so I have a brand new, still in sealed plastic and in original box MarkBass Amp Gig Bag. It's the one for the Little Mark II and III models, Little Marcus, etc. Also comes with 2 straps. Gimme a shout if you'd like it. £48 all in, meaning I'll pay postage within the UK. Nook
  3. Bought a MarkBass Little Mark III bass amp (white edition) from James last week. What a beauty this amp is! It arrived very well packaged and quick. Great communication throughout the sale. He even included 2 rack ears and the power lead at no extra cost...ace!! It sounds awesome thru my 2 Mark bass cabs. Thanks again James
  4. What a great amp....thank you for the smooth transaction.
  5. The amp arrived this morning and sounds awesome thru my Markbass cabs. Thanks again!
  6. Just checking if you got my message...PM'd you earlier today.
  7. Gorgeous! I'll get the same one of these days (Jetglo with white banding), I've wanted one sine I opened the BTO album in the '70's and there was Fred Turner standing on stage wrapped in it. Used to have an all white one but stupidly sold it, [email protected]!
  8. In the 1970's (1974-82) there was only 1 amp I used. I don't remember the model number or whatever but was an Ampeg (the SVT hadn't come out yet), 100 watts and was a thing of beauty, looks and sound. I had it coupled with an Ampeg 2x 15 speaker cab, the one with the cut at the back to allow for the built in wheels to work, and the handle(bar) tat the top to flip it like a sack truck to move it about. '82 -'86 I used a Marshall bass head with 2, 4 x 12 cabs. Don't remember the wattage but it was seriously loud. I'd been growing up in Canada during these years. Late '86 I moved to the UK.
  9. I've got one of these. Bought it from a guy on this site at the start of the year. It instantly became my "go to" bass. Amazingly slim and fast neck (for my small hands), Gibson Humbucker pickups, Gotoh tuners, Babicz bridge and professionally set up. Sweet! I hope you enjoy yours as much
  10. Has anyone used one of these with bass guitar? If so, what are your views?
  11. "Steve's Music" in Montreal ( downtown and the West Island), Canada. Their catchphrase, "If we don't have it, you don't need it" . Used to buy all my gear there when I lived over there.
  12. Drove up to fellow BC member FinnDave to purchase/collect a bass he was selling. Had a great chat for an hour; he's a top bloke...and the bass, an Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro IV with Babicz bridge and Gotoh tuners...wow, what a bass. It's immediately become my prime gigging bass. Awesome feel, action, sound, looks...the total package. And the neck's almost 2 inches shorter than my Burns Bison, perfect for my short arms. Thanks BassChat for hooking us up.
  13. Shutterbug

    Still Pics of Us

    I play in a band called The Silhouettes and we're a covers band playing mostly the 60's tunes with some '70's, '80's and contemporary thrown in. We play about 45 or so weekends a year and I've yet to get any live footage. Here's some stills tho. I've attached a couple of tunes that we recorded live in the studio (with a vocal overdub). There's more energy live tho, but still, it's what I/we play 02 Track 2.wma 03 Track 3.wma
  14. I'll have all the dosh by the end of the month, and will def be in Oxon on Dec 16, If you'd reserve it for me I''d be pleased.
  15. In 50 years of playing/gigging I've only needed a backup twice...eacvh this past summer. Turned out my amp had been dropped by the courier (unknown to me at the time) and the heat dissipating fan wasn't working. VERY hot July outdoor gig under cover thankfully but towards the end of the first set, it died. Ended the set and turned it off. 20 min break and started second set...10 mins to go and it died again. Had to end the gig then and there as I had no back-up. Second time was a week later, cool evening gig, BUT this time I had my Marshall rack amp just in case...yup, 3 songs into the hour long set and my main amp died. Finished the gig on my Marshall. Sent the amp back to the shop for repairs as I'd only had it 6 weeks. Got it back and fingers crossed it's been fine since. Now I can feel the cooling air being blown thru it. Will invest in a Markbass Little Mark III as a back up tho.
  16. I'll be in your general area on Dec 16 (my kids live in Upper Heyford, located 1/2 way between Oxford & Banbury, but you prob already knew of this location). If I have the ££'s together and it's still available, I'd love to give it a new home.
  17. I'm new here. Is this still available, it's very tempting.
  18. I own 3. My first was a Hofner copy which is stored at my sister's place in Ontario. My next was a Gibson Ripper, which after 43 years of playing was retired last year. Now I have a Burns Bison,, totally love it even tho when holding it normally I cant quite reach the "G" string tuning key with my short arm(s), lol.
  19. I can't slap, I never learned. I never learned because I don't like it at all, dunno why, I just don't enjoy all the sound that's produced. I'm old school. I learned using just my thumb in the late '60's, then graduated to include picking in the '70's, then onto include single and multiple fingering techniques after that. I've never played in a band that required a slapping technique, so other than that I just use whatever technique the song requires or sounds best with.
  20. Hi. This year marks my 50th year playing bass. I was born in the UK, lived in Canada from the ages of 3 to 32 then came back to the UK with "Jack". I'm now retired and living on the isle of Portland, Dorset and play in a Weymouth based band called the Silhouettes. We play regularly. I bought my Gibson Ripper (Jack) new back in '75 and only last year decided to retire it and play something different, now a Burns Bison bass. I'm about to purchase a 5 string followed by a fretless. I play thru a Peavey Headliner 1000 rack amp (damn, what an amp!), a series of Boss pedals and through 2 Markbass cabs.
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