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  1. It's ok for power cords IF a heavier gauge is necessary and the strain reliefs are appropriate. Speaker cords are generally a heavier gauge because the voltage is lower and the current is higher for the same amount of power transmitted.
  2. Correct, it’s unrelated to the power amp (power tubes/valves, transformers, etc.) Proper troubleshooting will narrow down the area responsible for the noise, then it can be appropriately repaired.
  3. Neutrik specifically warns OEM manufacturers of cables against using tinned wires with their SpeakOn plugs for the reasons I mentioned earlier. Assembly with tinned wires also invalidates the safety approvals of the plug since the plug’s safety certification is for untinned wire termination only.
  4. As far as the sound differences in "premium priced cables" and solid commercial/pro/tour grade cables is generally indistinguishable to those participating in double-blind testing. I have seen these tests many times, and seen folks claim things that proved unconfirmable. The exception to the rule is high impedance sources into high impedance loads (instrument cable), when the cable gets long there can be a significant difference between cables due to the capacitive reactance of the cable and how that reactance interacts with the reactance of a passive pickup. You can experience reduced high end, you can experience resonance effects, and you can experience additional noise. The longer the cable, the more noticeable. This has been my experience (over and over again).
  5. Tinning wires with binding screw pressure terminations are a problem because the solder will cold flow under pressure. It's not allowed in avionics here in the states. The regulatory approvals for most pressure screw connectors will specify un-tinned wire only. There may be some exceptions for tin overbond wire in some applications, but only because pure tin does not cold flow as easily.
  6. This is why soldered connections on plugs should always have a mechanical strain relief. Even mechanically attached plugs like SpeakOn have robust strain reliefs built into the connector.
  7. Not for Neutruik SpeakOn plugs. Under high current, the pressure of the termination (without tinned wired) is better than solder and will not loosen with use either.
  8. This is generally fine. Spraying into the amp usually gets incompatible substances where they don't belong, creating new and messier problems to deal with.
  9. Good God I hope not, for the sake of the tech that needs to clean up the resulting mess at least.
  10. Sure hope they don't go spraying things down with "magic cure-all spray", I see plenty of gear damaged from such treatment. ESPECIALLY switch contact cleaners.
  11. Why does your amp need servicing?
  12. The foot switch is no longer available? Didn't it get introduced just last year?
  13. Ok, that's a GB 410 standard, had to go back deep into the archives but it was a model from the mid to late 1990's and was shipped 8 ohm as standard with a 4 ohm optional version as well. I do still have a limited number of recone kits available for this model in both 8 ohms (standard cabinet, series-parallel wiring) and 4 ohms (optional cabinet, 16 ohm driver parallel wiring).
  14. Yes, this is correct.
  15. IME, most 300 watt RMS speaker that will handle this kind of power may be quite colored due to the heavier suspension and long wound voice coil (compared with gap depth) required for mechanical robustness. This results in significant high frequency rolloff compared with a full range or extended range design.
  16. Some but certainly not all manufacturers provide these specifications. Depending on the circuit topology, the input impedance may be different or the same between passive and active inputs. On the Subway amps, the input impedance is ~1M in both passive and active positions. The specifications for the Subway amps are located in the back of the respective owner’s manuals.
  17. Yeah, I did kind of get that switched around
  18. In general, where the OUTPUT impedance of the SOURCE is less than 1/10th the INPUT impedance of the LOAD, the effects of loading can be ignored. If this is not true, it's possible for issues to occur. This is independent of level, a different parameter entirely. [edit for garbled response, clearly reversed]
  19. agedhorse

    Bass amp

    Are you aware that SWR as a company has been shut down for almost 7 years and that there is no support available (including parts)?
  20. Running an iPod into the instrument input of an amp shouldn't damage it. I do it all the time as a test signal source.
  21. agedhorse

    Plate amps

    The ASX-2 models are long in the tooth, but they are actually still quite a ways better or more appropriate (all things considered) that much of the competition. That's why they are still being used in a variety of current products. With regard to rated power, there are different applications that exploit different aspects from all of these modules. That's one of the confusing things, where somebody looks at a data sheet or a marketing sheet and comes to a conclusion that simply does not apply for a particular application. I ran into this head-on when I designed an application around the 250ASX2 module that allowed the amp to operate BTL into 4 ohms even though the specifications stated 8 ohm minimum load in BTL mode. Initially, it was claimed that I was a fake, and that it was impossible, couldn't be done, would blow up, and couldn't deliver 900 watts RMS into such a load. This was from other amp manufacturers, as well as end users who hadn't even the slightest clue about amplifier engineering but were high and vocal on the bully pulpit. In the end, with ICEPower's support and approval, we received a patent for our approach and delivered many thousands of highly reliable amps based on this "impossible" platform. We were the first to use this part like this, and obviously others followed what we did with their own interpretations (some successful and some not). Some of the concepts behind the newer AS1 platform came out of the research and data that resulted from our off-sheet application of the ASX2 parts. I can't go into anymore on this. The short story is that there is more going on in many of these products than the average or even technically inclined person might ever imagine.
  22. agedhorse

    Plate amps

    ICEPower only sells OEM, that represents 99.9% of their business. That’s likely why it’s not worth the effort or the cost on an older product. Those who buy a product like this on eBay from China, outside of the authorized distribution network, are getting what they pay for in the sense that eBay is well known as a marketplace for counterfeit goods. Profusion is an authorized distributor for some ICEPower models, but yes they are more expensive.
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