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  1. I confess my statement was made never having actually played one myself. The recordings I've heard (Flea, Colin Edwin etc.) have sounded great so I get the sound thing but I can't see the justification for the price tag.
  2. I just don't get the Wal thing
  3. All true but there's something to be said about the experience of commissioning a custom build that you don't get with an off the shelf purchase, no matter how fine the instrument and even if your custom is a straight jazz or precision build. These builds take around 10-12 months to complete and it's an amazing experience, from researching and choosing your Luther, to the initial consultation on specification to the build updates you receive as it comes along. And then the mix of excitement, anticipation and nerves when it's finally ready. I'm glad I've done it at least once.
  4. I fear I may be heading down the same ACG path. I've only had my RetroB J4 a few days and have already sent Alan an enquiry about a fretless brethren for it.
  5. Jon suggested it to me at one point for some contrast to flamed maple but I was worried about the weight.
  6. Yes, I remember consulting with you heavily when I was having my build done. It's a black walnut body right ?
  7. I was pretty OK with the functional side, I had a good feel for what I wanted. I did change the bridge and preamp types but they were fairly minor changes and either the original or final choices would have been fine. My original spec to Jon was Flamed Maple top and Rosewood fingerboard. But actually I preferred maple fingerboards but then got concerned that an alder bodied, flamed maple top and maple finger board guitar was all going to look a bit anemic So I changed the ask for a Birdseye maple fingerboard and a figured walnut top. However for whatever reason Jon couldn't source the Walnut and my build was on hold for a few months. He emailed me a few options that he'd picked up from his wood supplier and the Elm looked nice, but finished it was was overly busy and I just didn't ever love it. So I'm back to flamed maple with a burst finish which is a classic look that I've always loved. Hopefully this will work out Elm wood uncut Finished Result
  8. Agree with a lot of what @Muzz said here. I've not been playing bass for as long as many here but I'd tried enough basses over the last five years or so to spec out what was most comfortable for me, i.e. target weight, neck profile etc. for my custom build. I did also go to the workshop before ordering and looked at a few of his basses and necks before committing to the project. I probably played it safe on a few items like tone wood as I went for Alder as opposed to anything more exotic. but light weight tuners, 40mm neck width etc. we're all musts. I wanted active so I went for a Nordstrand Pre, mainly because it is inspired by the Sadowsky pre but an East would have been equally good. Jon Shuker also set me up with a solderless pickup system so I could replace pickups easily if I wanted to try different ones. that isn't to say I didn't get a few things wrong. The drop top I originally had I ended up not liking. This for me was the hardest part of the custom build - trying to visualise a slab of wood into a finished guitar top was really hard. I went into the build wanting flamed maple then spent months changing my mind and ended up with something I didn't like. I've now sent the bass back to Jon to have the drop top redone as flamed maple, a costly mistake caused by me allowing myself to get too caught up with exotic woods etc. however, it was an amazing experience and despite the asthetics I ended up with a bass I love playing. Like @Muzz my Shuker was my go to bass and I'm really missing it at the moment (hence why I bought the ACG).
  9. @ead - out of interest, which of Alan's pickups did you go for in your ACG's?
  10. So purples has won out (let's face it, it was always going to end up purple)
  11. I couldn't find a decent picture of a 34" scale 4 string Funkmeister. @Cosmicrain - do you have one?
  12. After 5 years of playing and trying numerous different brands / types of bass I've decided I'm J bass type of guy. I've been compiling examples of J inspired basses made by British luthiers, figured I'd share on this thread. ACG RetroB Anaconda Ultra J GB Spitfire Overwater Hybrid J Sei Jazz Shuker Custom J Status T Bass I have an ACG and Shuker, now to collect the rest 😁
  13. Bought a gig bag from Bas this week. Bag in great condition and meet up to do the exchange was quick and convenient. Not the first time we'd done some BC dealings and this was one was just as pleasurable as the others. Cheers Bas.
  14. The dude in the background is soo checking you out! Eyes up buddy!
  15. Love that story! Very inspirational.
  16. I think that pretty much describes their entire product range 😁
  17. Genuinely sad if Eden's really gone. My first bass combo was an Eden, a really great little unit and I had a nemesis 4*10 for a little while until @King Tut took it off my hands for the Stray tour. Always fancied a WTX head. Never liked the look of the pedals and the Terra Nova range never appealed - I guess these were the Marshall era efforts and seems I wasn't alone.
  18. Tempting just for the pre...
  19. @skelf - funny, I'd completely forgotten about this thread but almost 2.5 years on from when I created these posts about your ACG Retro B .. I now own one / it (did you make many in this colour combination?). Would love to talk to you about it sometime.
  20. As new condition Full details: Fender FB620 Electric Bass Gig Bag | Accessories £40 posted to a UK mainland address.
  21. I've been out of the pedal game for a while but a new potential project required a few FXs and who doesn't need a compressor. Nothing boutique for me but these X series Boss pedals are really good.
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