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  1. Gasping for a Noble DI!!

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    2. acidbass


      To be fair Kev you could say the same about any piece of equipment we use live.  Who will notice the difference between a £100 Harley Benton P or a £4k Pino sig Fender?  After all the compression, EQing, speakers, room etc, both will sound like P Basses.

    3. Kev


      Hopefully you'd notice a difference in how it plays, otherwise indeed, why bother!  I doubt at a gig you would notice what a high quality DI is doing to your tone.  Or, at least, id enjoy some blind sound tests to see if people are noticing what they think they're noticing :D

    4. Phill


      I'd have to agree with you both! On both counts! It will be used in a studio though 

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