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  1. Even weirder, when I went see Merzbow he sounded like MBV.....
  2. Weirdest one for me was My Bloody Valentine Hammersmith 2013....I was sat upstairs which I'll never do again....should have known better really. Ok so the records are kind of a mushy blurry blurriness of distortion but I may as well have been at a Merzbow gig...just an indistinct wash of fizz. I went to the upstairs bar appx 20 mins before the end of the gig and briefly spoke to a friendly fellow from Ireland who saw them in 1993 before he ran back in for "You made me Realise" About a year later I was playing in band on cruise ships and the band were having a rare night out in Hong Kong......and the same guy was there!!! what does it all mean kids?
  3. Great pedal....Use mine on guitar too. GLWTS
  4. Not sure if this has already been covered. If we're referring to the same sound that he has on "walk on by" then a major contribution to the sound is the mic. To my manky ears it sounds very "miked" as such and is possibly the result of two mics or a mic and a DI not completely in phase with each other as there's a weird nasal quality to the mids.
  5. If you're looking at this...... Great compact setup that has been gigged a few times by myself and has had light home use by my partner and the previous owner, her stepfather. Kinda the forerunner to the ultra compact lightweight class D world that we live in nowadays...very light but not class D light because it's not class D... The amps tend to get more love than the cabs on the net but personally from my experience of using this in both flat eq, no effects finger style to heavy pick with loadsa' eq, overdrive and fuzz style I never felt that there was anything lacking. Head is 250w @ 4 ohms Cab is 400w @ 4 ohms All in good condition with just light marks here and there. The little trolley attachment still works fine too. Either collection from St.Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 or look at meet up possibilities. Amp comes with cheap and cheerful case and short speakon cable.
  6. My 2009 USA SB-2 getting some sun in 2018
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Awesome crystal clear sounding and super rugged DI box. This was mostly used in rehearsals and travelled to and from gigs as a backup if ever needed...which it wasn't. Fab crystal clear sound, quality build and super rugged. Due to a change in my setup this is no longer required. Fully functional and in great condition. Can send first class signed for £3.50 more details here at Whirlwind...http://www.whirlwinduk.com/hotbox/
  9. Frank bought my EBS 2x12 cab. Very easy transaction and a great chap too : ) Cheers mate : )
  10. If this is still for sale then I'm very interested...however I'm in Cambridgeshire PE27. If there are any postage/meet up options of any kind then please PM me : )
  11. Saw Snapped Ankles last Saturday at The Cookie in Leicester....Great little 150 capacity venue and a great crowd that were bouncy but not mental. For music that's quite minimal it's very infectious and the whole stage get up just adds to the whole bonkers vibe....Going to see them again in October : )
  12. Why thank you sir : ) Love the sound of the cab however the band went from 6 guys to 7 guys and I'm the only one who can shrink it seems :0
  13. Flipping awesome bass cab that I'm only selling due needing an ever smaller footprint on cramped little stages. Been gigged but never used in anger. Fully functional and sounding as sweet as ever All round good condition...only real signs of wear are to the plastic corners which seem to look worse in the photos than in real life. Comes with Roqsolid cover which does show some signs of wear but has years left in it yet. Collection from Stamford PE9 or St. Ives Cambs PE27 or could possibly meet part way for fuel money. Ok a bit of copied techy blurb...Features 2 X 12" Third generation Neodymium loudspeakers offer a dynamic range Ultra lightweight for easy lifting 13-Ply birch & lightweight spruce covered with resistant felt Protective woven steel grill, black laquered Neutrik SPEAKON connectors Integrated deep dish handles for easy transportation 2" adjustable tweeter for a bigger sound Light-weight Neodymium speakers especially optimized for this model Specifications Configuration: 2 X 12" Speakers & 2" Tweeter Frequency Response: 40 - 18k Hz Sensitivity: 103 dB Power Rating: 600 W RMS Impedance: 4 ohms Volume: 103 litres Height: 61 cm / 24" Width: 58 cm / 23" Depth: 44 cm / 17" Weight: 21.3 kg / 46.9 lbs
  14. If you're looking at this etc etc... In short possibly one of the finest electric upright basses out there. Truly wonderful instrument that I can't justify keeping. This was bought for a project that never got off the ground. Made in England by Mo Clifton. To the best of my knowledge there are around 100 of these worldwide. This is essentially a standard double bass (scale, fingerboard, bridge etc.) but with a solid block rather than a body. Pickup is a David Gage Realist. Currently strung with kevlar core Weedwackers. Setup by Simon Watkin in Coates, Cambs...Fingerboard was planed and the Aubert bridge was converted to be adjustable. Can be collected from either St. Ives, Cambridgeshire or Stamford, Lincolnshire. Shows signs of use because I am not the first owner and this is a professional instrument that likes to go out at the weekends...however apart from minor dings it's in perfectly good condition. Could possibly deliver for fuel money or meet half way if circumstances are right. Contact me in advance on this front UK mainland buyers only please
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