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  1. Got to reckon i usually paid more attention to feedbacks as a seller than as a buyer, as it often leads to 'Prompt payment, great communication' comments. And how it could be different ? Well, it's pretty different when the shipping isn't as smooth as expected, due to Brexit customs overload, and extents from 5 days delivery to 6 weeks. I do think that many buyers (including me) could have lost quite a bit their temper in such situation, Mark/Clarky never did. Thank you for your patience Mark.
  2. Yeah it was quite a journey ! Thank you for your patience. It's a great Precision, glad you seem already enjoying it !
  3. Super-powerful EQ tool, and pretty reasonable price for a pedal not available from the builder atm... Last batch sold out in less than 30 minutes, expect a few months before they're in stock, for quite a short time, just sayin' GLWYS !
  4. Interesting, thank you ! This'd mean this tort plate is an all celluloid one ? It's from my 1966 Pbass but it aged in a different way.
  5. It's now for sale, edited my blurb.
  6. Somehow trebly with the Kay i guess 😁
  7. Quite a bargain for what's probably the best solid-state bass power-amp ever built. Got the (a tad) lighter 500w mono version, many builders do a complete rig for its 42lbs or so, but none of them reach such thickness, clarity, and well, heft.
  8. I'm listening ! Would much prefer a trade than a sale on this one.
  9. Yeah it's just like earlier ones. They were prone to warp and shrinkage, this one aged superbly.
  10. Editing my blurb as i don't have come across a trade deal on a 1965 or ealier Pbass atm. I'm still looking for one. If you got one you'd like to trade with my bass, i'll listen of course. Up for sale/trade is my 1965 Fender Jazz bass. It's not a case queen but in pretty nice condition. No refret, no refin, no wax-potting (neck pickup has a mask tape but no wax-potting), all original except volume pots and one bridge intonation screw (G one). Tort plate has no broken horn, almost no bend or shrinkage, it aged superbly like did the whole instrument. It's a great bass, neck has a nice broken in feel, and is dead-straight, with low action. Trussrod has almost no effort to do, and is super responsive when it does, pretty stiff and stable neck. It got a gorgeous brazilian veneer fingerboard, and resonant alder body too (period correct router hump of course). These L-serial basses used some serious woods ! 4,1kg on my bathroom scale. Instant jazz bass tones of course, with a round and articulate neck pickup and gnarly bridge one. The thing just sings, got loads of sustain with this instantly recognizable 60s jazz bass growl, everywhere on the neck. Amazing clarity. Sounds even string to string and just great with both flats and roundwounds strings. Pickups are in pretty good shape, tone, mids, and output at their best. Comes with original bridge cover and thumb rest, and a (quite battered) mid-60s Fender tolex case. Looking for £7500 / 8700€ for this one, shipping included to Europe.
  11. There's some chance pandemic leads to a severe lock-down, in Paris at least, lowering the price for the next few days: £1330 / 1560€ shipped to your door in Europe. New Bass Day for me tomorrow, i'll get a carboard box and will be able to ship the Yardbird.
  12. Absolutely Luke, there are some others with the same bass player as well. I think they nailed it. Loads of sustain and yet articulate tone, deep & defined lows, much more opened highs than later TBird reissues, and this distinctive tbird growl too.
  13. Dropped to €1800 / £1540 shipped to your door in Europe. Every time i'm playing this bass, i do think parting with it is a mistake... it really an amazing bass. Forgot mentioning my feedback's thread:
  14. Thank you, it has a A neck indeed, 1.5" width at the nut. It's the same width as a jazz bass but feels thicker to me. As a side-note, when he did the refret work, my luthier insisted how smooth and greasy the fingerboard rosewood is. He's not 100% sure, but it could be brazilian one.
  15. Great i learnt a new abbreviation today, thank you !
  16. Thank you, doing my best effort but i do know it's pretty easy being misunderstood. Here are some guts shots. My luthier did some copper-shield work, pretty easy to remove it.
  17. Thank you, corrected my slangy tendencies 😅
  18. Sorry my English is pretty poor. I thought OG for original is correct, but maybe it's not ?
  19. Up for sale is my 1971 Fender Precision Bass. It's a nice example of these A neck Pbass, in full-original condition, except a refret. My luthier did a great job, not much wood has been removed from the veneer fingerboard, allowing further refret with this stunning piece of rosewood - frets are still seating on the fingerboard, not on the maple. The original nut is included, if you'd prefer removing the new bone nut and having this one (plus a shim) on the neck. It's in pretty good condition, the red from the sunburst shaded on the front of the body and remained under the (original) ashtray which was probably on the bass for decades. Neck's straight, action is low (2mm or so under the strings on 12th fret), no fretbuzz, no shim. Pretty resonant body, quite light bass too: 3,9kg (without ashtray). Trussrod nut looks corroded but the trussrod has not much effort to do. It got plenty of life's left, neck is pretty stiff. As for tone it's without a doubt one of the very best P i've ever heard. Labella flats (760-FL) are just great with this bass. Instant Motown-vibe but lots of clarity too with open tone pot. Tone-wise it got 'that' sound, with low-mids in spades. It really is an amazing one. It comes with a (non-original) G&G-like case, nut and ashtray from 1971, non-original pickup cover, £2990 / 3500€ without shipping (i guess it's around the 80€ mark in Europe). Will post some detailed guts pics later (neck stamp, pots and pickup). Everything is from 1971. And forgot menrioning my Feedback thread :
  20. Brilliant business idea spotted, right here.
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