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  1. I see Fender are celebrating 75 years by reissuing all the usual suspects, again.


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    2. ezbass


      Yep: Rock/Fender/ Hard Place. It’s difficult for them, but they need to stick with a new design, it’ll be slow to begin with, but they’ll get there. I wonder what we’d be playing now if Leo & Co hadn’t ground it out in the early days (it couldn’t have been easy)? They should’ve tried harder with the Dimension bass, with some high profile  ‘name player’ endorsements. I can only think of Yolanda Charles playing one.

    3. geoham


      Indeed. Leo's impact to musical instrument design has always fascinated me - he wasn't a player himself, yet I don't think any other individual has contributed so much. Both with things he designed directly, and the influence on others' designs.

      The situation today kind of reminds of of the Ford statement "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

      We need a modern day Leo!

    4. Drax


      I think it's more like Burger King's CEO on their failed attempt to sell salads 'We asked our customers what they wanted - turns out they lied' . 

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