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  1. Great communication and fast shipping, thank you!
  2. Bought a Cali76 compressor pedal from Paul. Smooth communication and fast shipping to Finland, highly recommended! Thanks!
  3. Bought a Demeter Minnie from Joris. Nice and quick communication with fast shipping. 100% recommended!
  4. I know, I was a little bummed when I found out the pickup had been swapped. But the Kloppmann is a good one for sure! And I too like those Fender tweed cases!
  5. BASS IS SOLD For sale is a 2013 Fender AVRI 58 P-bass. Great, solid and lightweight! Bought this used last year. The bass is missing the original case but a good quality Hiscox flightcase comes with it. Also some of the case candy and the ashtrays are included. The original Fender pickup was changed by the original owner and it sports a Kloppman '63 pickup which sounds beautiful! https://www.kloppmann-electrics.com/en/pickups/bass-pickups/ Good condition, some dings and scratches but that's life. Back of the neck has been sanded down a bit, now it's smooth. Strung with fresh Daddario Half Rounds. Asking 1500€ / 1330GBP and for this price I will cover the shipping fees on Europe! Dig that! Thanks for looking!
  6. Price drop: 2100€ / 1900GBD With shipping This is a beautiful surf green P-bass with all the original accessories included. I've swapped the pickup to a Fender Pure vintage '63 pickup. Still got the original. Beautiful wide-grain quartersawn neck. Strung with LaBella Jamerson strings. Few dings but otherwise great condition. Bought this bass second hand from ebay from the original owner who ordered the bass. Bass is in Helsinki, Finland. Thanks for looking!
  7. Great seller! Pedal sent to Finland in lightspeed, great communication aswell!! Thanks!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. *CAB IS SOLD* Amazingly lightweight and super small cab! Bought from Rabbie early this year but it wasnt my thing after all... Used on some gigs but still in good condition! Pictures are from Rabbies sale thread in talkbass, i'll snap more soon if someone's interested. Shipping from Finland to mainland Europe and UK included in the price.
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