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  1. Cool vids , keep the good work

  2. With over 1,470 bass covers on my YouTube channel, I have started to share the bass notes and tab that I'm playing on the video. The bass transcription is something that I'm very proud of adding to my videos. I don't make any money off my channel. My goal is that I can help 1 bass player per day learn something new.


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    2. Highfox


      I'll say thanks as well, you helped me short-cut to learning a few songs.

    3. inate_hex


      I enjoy watching your videos!

    4. Marc S

      Marc S

      Just recognised you good sir.
      There have been a few times where I haven't had much time to work out a bassline for a cover song,
      so I have resorted to using youtube, and have made good use of several of your excellent videos
      I know, often the fun in playing bass is in working things out for yourself, but there's not always time,
      and sometimes I get asked the night before a gig - "oh, it's so and so's birthday and he / she has asked if we can play this..."
      Thanks so very much, for posting all those videos, and thanks even more for saving me valuable time....
      As SpondonBassed says, that's a nice collection of basses you have there
      Cheers mate :)

  3. So many great bass scores. Thanks for all your hard work. Cheers
  4. It's always a treat to gets messages from my friends in the U.K. Cheers everyone. Constantine
  5. Our videos are not monetized so the original copyright holder is getting any of the ad money. As you mentioned, we are only bringing attention to some bands, songs that the next generation of music lovers maybe listening to for the first time. You can't make sense out of non-sense. Cheers
  6. Copyright issues with YouTube. They come and go. Some fans know a way to have their computer IP address changed to another country, sometimes that helps. I don't know how they do it but when the video gets blocked in multiple countries, there is very little that can be done. We can always appeal the copyright but the biggest fear is receiving a strike on the account. 3 strikes and YouTube closed down the account pending appeals. It's happened once to my account from Supertramp. 3 videos all received strikes. Took 21 days for the appeal process and then they removed the strikes but the videos were still banned world wide.
  7. I began to learn the bass in the summer of 1981. During this time, 2 albums played a huge influence in my bass playing. Killers by Iron Maiden and Moving Pictures by Rush. I currently enjoyed playing bass covers and sharing them on YouTube. With over 1,340 covers, there is nothing more satisfying them helping other bass players to learn songs. There are so many talented players on YouTube that for someone to stop at my channel to give a listen and watch, I feel truly blessed. Here is the link to my channel: [url="https://www.youtube.com/constantine2112"]https://www.youtube.com/constantine2112[/url] My equipment list is as follows: [b]4 String[/b] Fender Squier Chris Aiken Precision Signature Model Fender Squier Vintage Modified 70’s Jazz Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special Fender Precision Steve Harris Signature Model Fender Precision Hofner Club Bass model HCT-500/2-SB Ibanez ATK200 SIRE Marcus Miller V7 SIRE Marcus Miller M3 Steinberger XP-2 SX Ursa 3 MN BK FL Fretless SX VTG Series Precision [b]5 String[/b] Fender Jazz V5 String Fender Jazz Marcus Miller Signature Model Fender Squier Deluxe Jazz Active V 5 String MusicMan Stingray 5HH Steinberger Spirit XT-25 [b]6 String[/b] Carvin LB76 Rogue LX406 Pro 6 Audio: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio: DigiTech, BP8, Preamp, Processor Audio: Zoom B3 Bass Effects & Amp Simulator Pedal Camera: Canon FS200 Camera: Panasonic HC-V160 Mixer: Phonic AM240 Software: Guitar Pro 6 Software: Guitar Rig 5 Video Editing: Corel Video Studio X7 Video Editing: Windows Movie Maker Cheers Constantine
  8. Hello everyone. Constantine here from Canada I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words, and Yes my name is Constantine Isslamow. Cheers Constantine
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