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  1. Below is a copy of page 4 of the 1978 hang-tag manual the factory attached to new Pre-EB Sting Ray Basses. It describes how to adjust tone controls (and in particular the bass control) to avoid the loss of mid-frequencies. This would also apply to the Ernie Ball 2EQ (9 volt) Sting Ray preamp today as the preamp circuit is virtually the same as it was from 1978 onwards.
  2. If you mean the "Classic Collection" series, they're available through Ernie Ball customer service: [email protected]
  3. Hi bbrich. I've suddenly developed a similar problem with my Trace Elliot 715 combo. Large decrease in volume and loss of tone. Can't find the fault. You referred to a transistor between the preamp and power stage. Do you know designation of the transistor or maybe a pic. There is a small rectangular board between the preamp board and power stage. It has a component which looks like a small three leg transistor (the only one of its kind on the board) but the schematics for the 715 identify it as a Triac. Would this be what you are referring to? Any help appreciated. Cheers Gav (Nivagues)
  4. . Both the Sting Ray and Sabre control plates can be obtained by emailing Ernie Ball customer service.
  5. Nice playing. I was unable to distinguish between the two.
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