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  1. [quote name='viss1700' timestamp='1481444515' post='3192264'] Unfortunately are the screw holes in de back of the body; do you know how they got there? [/quote] It had some kind of pickguard for body back in past. I took off it
  2. Martin BC 16 GTE Acoustic Bass Price: £1390 Video: [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrNpNaWfUCA"]https://www.youtube....h?v=wrNpNaWfUCA[/url] Description: Up For Sale is very nice bass guitar Martin BC 16 GTE Acoustic Bass in Natural color that was made in 2012. Neck was made with Select Hardwood, 34" and Indian Rosewood fretboard. Body was made with Solid Genuine Mahogany Satin Finished Back and Sides. Guitar has Fishman Prefix Plus pickups and T Bass Preamp w/Tuner electronics. Condition of this guitar could be described as technically great. This guitar could be shipped for FREE all over the whole Europe. Also i'm able to ship worldwide! Specifications Martin BC 16 GTE Acoustic Bass Natural Country Of Origin: USA Year: 2012 Strings: 4 Body: Solid Genuine Mahogany Satin Finished Back and Sides Top: Solid Sitka Spruce Polished Gloss Top Neck: Select Hardwood, 34" Fretboard: Indian Rosewood Bridge: Solid East Indian Rosewood Bridge with White Black Dot Bridge Pins Pickups: Fishman Prefix Plus Electronics: T Bass Preamp w/Tuner Controls: Volume, Blend, Lows, Mids, Highs, Tuner Comes with: Original Martin Case
  3. Up for sale! Video Review: [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLnyNuaj1NMs01TVYt3ef0F2D95tJ2G-kc&v=zAkuI0W-4-I"]https://www.youtube....c&v=zAkuI0W-4-I[/url]
  4. [color=#1D2129][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Negotiable! Make me offer! I got video and samples. PM me if You're interested in.[/size][/font][/color]
  5. Hi there, fellows! Decided to sell my precious all original 68-69 Jazz Bass. As previous owner told me he bought it from old guy who was the original owner since 1969, so i'm the third one. Bass is in great condition for it's age. Neck is perfect, trussrod turns in both ways, frets are still high (was using mostly with flats all the time) pickups are strong and hot. Perfect time capsule vintage bass. Gorgeous and lightweight (about 8.3 lbs). I have a sound with this one. So if somebody will be interested in it - write me and i'll send You. Comes with original hardcase (perfect condition), thumbrest, pickup and bridge covers (even still with mutes). Some specs: Fender Jazz Bass 1969 All Original! Sunburst Country Of Origin: USA Year: 1969 Strings: 4 Body: Select Alder Top Alder Neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewood Neck radius: C-shape, 7.25" Frets: 20 Scale: 34 Bridge: Fender Original Pickups: Fender Original Electronics: Passive, Fender Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone Comes with: Original Hardshell Case, Bridge and Pickup covers, thumbrest All the best!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpDf_LYargM Comparison of iconic Jazz Basses '75. Real Vintage VS Reissue. Fender Jazz Bass 1975 original vintage VS Fender Jazz Bass '75 American Vintage Reissue I use: Avalon U5 DI Aguilar DB-750 Amp Bergantino HD-210 Cabinet Rode NT-2A Mic RME Fireface - Macbook Pro - Logic See You on the next reviews! Cheers!
  7. [color=#707070]For sale is Fender Precision 4 American Deluxe 2010 in a white color. The condition is pretty good. It is a universal and diverse p-bass ever made! It comes with the original case! [/color] [color=#707070]Specs:[/color] [color=#3C3241]Fender Precision Bass Deluxe Olympic White [/color] [color=#3C3241]Country Of Origin: USA [/color] [color=#3C3241]Year: 2010 [/color] [color=#3C3241]Strings: 4 [/color] [color=#3C3241]Body: Alder [/color] [color=#3C3241]Top Alder [/color] [color=#3C3241]Neck: Maple [/color] [color=#3C3241]Fretboard: Rosewood [/color] [color=#3C3241]Neck radius: 9,5-14'' [/color] [color=#3C3241]Frets: 21 [/color] [color=#3C3241]Scale: 34 [/color] [color=#3C3241]Bridge: Fender High Mass [/color] [color=#3C3241]Pickups: Fender N3 [/color] [color=#3C3241]Electronics: Passive, Active, 3 Band, Fender [/color] [color=#3C3241]Controls: Volume, Blend, 3 Band EQ, Passive-Active Switch [/color] [color=#3C3241]Comes with: Original Fender Case, Strap [/color] [color=#3C3241]Located in Berlin. Free delivery over the UK and EU.[/color] [color=#3C3241]PayPal is OK.[/color]
  8. SOLD! Up for sale great Sabre. In rare Lake Placid Blue finish. Like new condition. Free Delivery over the EU from Berlin by DPD or another company. PayPal is OK. Would like to answer for any questions. Some specs: Music Man Sabre Classic Lake Placid Blue Country Of Origin: USA Year: 2013 Strings: 4 Body: Ash Top Ash Neck: Birdseye Maple Fretboard: Rosewood Neck radius: C-shape, 9.5" Frets: 21 Scale: 34 Bridge: Music Man Vintage with mutes Pickups: Music Man Sabre Alnico Humbuckers (16 poles Neck, 8 poles Bridge) Electronics: Active Music Man Controls: Volume, Trebles, Lows, 5-Way Switcher Comes with: Original Music Man Case
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