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  1. 1 hour ago, dmccombe7 said:

    I nearly always go with Bank Transfer as i always thought it was safer than Paypal. ???




    Paypal Friends and Family is not safe but paying via Paypal Goods and Services is the safest option as the buyer has total protection against any potential scams.  That is why most gear pages on Facebook and forums like this usually only recommend buyers use Paypal Goods and Services. 

    This is from UK GUITAR / AMP / GEAR EXCHANGE:

  2. I recently stripped down my beat up MM stingray and plan to get it refinished in sunburst, as it originally was.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to have it refinished? There is a small area on the smaller horn that needs filling in/levelling out, but that should be simple

    Any places near London/Herts/Beds preferred 

  3. 38 minutes ago, danbowskill said:

    I'm glad you got it, bargain for new (£220 at thomann) ..... Gutted as I didn't quite have funds. Yeah, let us know how it is please as its a scratch that needs itching now for after Xmas 🙂

    £244 actually! Well if I don't get on with it and you're still after one at some point you can have first dibs 👍

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  4. Great bass amp, I've owned it since 2011, used for a couple of gigs over the years and packs plenty of power.

    The flight flight case alone cost £70 new. (Flight case does have lids, not shown in pics) Responsive EQ with bass, middle, treble controls as well as 2 low mid and 2 high mid sliders.
    Sub-frequency and Valve Drive switches/controls add for even more flexibility.

    Fully functioning in great condition, never had any issues. One knob missing (see sub-harmonic dial) Comes with power lead. Output power 500 watts RMS Made in China in 2006.

    Collection or meet up preferred. Any questions drop me a message.






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  5. @worship_mud Ahh I see, in regards to pedal ordering. I

    have those super flat black EBS patch cables too (the ones with the lightning bolt on) They're so tidy aren't they!! I often lay my pedals out in a non-chain order and use the longer cables to reach behind other pedals (I'm a bit of a sucker for colour co-ordination..)

     I also keep my amp EQ at around noon as you do and use a Tone Hammer at the end of my board as a universal EQ to keep clean tone and effects even. I get why you have the compressor at the end as a limiter, I have mine before an OC2 and a Future Impact to make sure they get a solid signal and trigger consistently. My compressor (cali76 compact bass) doesn't really colour my tone too much, so having it earlier makes sense on my board. 

  6. If you're after something heavier, check out Darkglass' other preamps/drives. their Vintage range is their warmer more classic drive range for sure, compared to the B7k or Microtubes X.
    I have the Vintage Deluxe (used to own the Microtubes you have) and the additional 4 band EQ is really essential in my eyes. 

    There's nothing wrong with stacking drives as well. If you got yourself something a bit dirtier or heavier, you could always run that before the Darkglass and then use the Darkglass to either boost/add additional drive where needed. I used to do this by running a Rat into a Way Huge Pork Loin.

    Also in terms of pedal order, I'd personally swap the compressor and envelope filter. I use compression at the start of the chain to ensure my pedals/amp are receiving a consistent even signal (lots of people put it at the end though, but this doesn't really suit my configuration)
    Applying envelope (and other filters) on top of a pitch shifted tone, rather than pitch shifting a filtered/moving note, makes more sense than the other way round. But there are no rules, whatever works for you.

    My signal chain is Tuner > Comp > Octave > Synth > Drive > Envelope > Preamp/EQ


  7. I'm looking for a decent amp head with a smaller footprint, any recommendations? 

    Not looking to spend a ton and doesn't need to be top of the range, will mostly be used for home practice/casual use.
    I've been considering the Ampeg Portaflex range (as my cab is Ampeg and it's always nice when they match, not essential though)

  8. On 10/11/2020 at 20:07, Basilpea said:


    I ended up taking it to a local guitar repair workshop who said they could repair it but could not make it perfect.  They were right.  To be honest it doesn't look an awful lot better after their repair, however it is now sealed and smooth to the touch (believe they filled it with Superglue and sanded it down), and they only charged me £40.  If you want to see photos it's now up for sale on this forum.  

    Knowing how upset I am about my dent (my MM is in the Musicman Porn Thread, and I bet you couldn't even tell me where the dent is from the pic...) I can understand that it probably doesn't feel any better, but from those pics I think it looks a LOT better! 

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  9. Great seller, Dean got a Tone Hammer pedal to me as described/shown in pics and the delivery process was very quick. 
    Would definitely recommend 👍

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  10. One small thing that bugs me is when flatwound silks don't all line up (I'm not talking about when they're just millimetres off, I'm talking a centimetre or more)

    But my main gripe is usually the colour of the instrument though, imo the only acceptable finishes are white, black,  a natural finish or sunburst (and its variants, mocha burst, tobacco burst etc). Primary-colour finishes on instruments are absolutely criminal. It's even worse when all the parts (IE: finish, headstock, fretboard, scratchplate) are all different/clashing shades, as seen on the abomination below.



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  11. 41 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    Another instance of where reading the manual helps. The on-screen keyboard is velocity sensitive: play it near the bottom for high velocity, near the top for low velocity.

    Also, volume response of a given patch is dependent on what the amp and filter envelope settings are. 

    Lol actually in this instance I tried to find the relevant info in the manual (I've been going through the PDF this morning for some other stuff) but I couldn't find what I was looking for so I thought I'd ask here..

    Thanks for the info.

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