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  1. @worship_mud Ahh I see, in regards to pedal ordering. I

    have those super flat black EBS patch cables too (the ones with the lightning bolt on) They're so tidy aren't they!! I often lay my pedals out in a non-chain order and use the longer cables to reach behind other pedals (I'm a bit of a sucker for colour co-ordination..)

     I also keep my amp EQ at around noon as you do and use a Tone Hammer at the end of my board as a universal EQ to keep clean tone and effects even. I get why you have the compressor at the end as a limiter, I have mine before an OC2 and a Future Impact to make sure they get a solid signal and trigger consistently. My compressor (cali76 compact bass) doesn't really colour my tone too much, so having it earlier makes sense on my board. 

  2. If you're after something heavier, check out Darkglass' other preamps/drives. their Vintage range is their warmer more classic drive range for sure, compared to the B7k or Microtubes X.
    I have the Vintage Deluxe (used to own the Microtubes you have) and the additional 4 band EQ is really essential in my eyes. 

    There's nothing wrong with stacking drives as well. If you got yourself something a bit dirtier or heavier, you could always run that before the Darkglass and then use the Darkglass to either boost/add additional drive where needed. I used to do this by running a Rat into a Way Huge Pork Loin.

    Also in terms of pedal order, I'd personally swap the compressor and envelope filter. I use compression at the start of the chain to ensure my pedals/amp are receiving a consistent even signal (lots of people put it at the end though, but this doesn't really suit my configuration)
    Applying envelope (and other filters) on top of a pitch shifted tone, rather than pitch shifting a filtered/moving note, makes more sense than the other way round. But there are no rules, whatever works for you.

    My signal chain is Tuner > Comp > Octave > Synth > Drive > Envelope > Preamp/EQ


  3. I'm looking for a decent amp head with a smaller footprint, any recommendations? 

    Not looking to spend a ton and doesn't need to be top of the range, will mostly be used for home practice/casual use.
    I've been considering the Ampeg Portaflex range (as my cab is Ampeg and it's always nice when they match, not essential though)

  4. On 10/11/2020 at 20:07, Basilpea said:


    I ended up taking it to a local guitar repair workshop who said they could repair it but could not make it perfect.  They were right.  To be honest it doesn't look an awful lot better after their repair, however it is now sealed and smooth to the touch (believe they filled it with Superglue and sanded it down), and they only charged me £40.  If you want to see photos it's now up for sale on this forum.  

    Knowing how upset I am about my dent (my MM is in the Musicman Porn Thread, and I bet you couldn't even tell me where the dent is from the pic...) I can understand that it probably doesn't feel any better, but from those pics I think it looks a LOT better! 

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  5. Great seller, Dean got a Tone Hammer pedal to me as described/shown in pics and the delivery process was very quick. 
    Would definitely recommend 👍

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  6. One small thing that bugs me is when flatwound silks don't all line up (I'm not talking about when they're just millimetres off, I'm talking a centimetre or more)

    But my main gripe is usually the colour of the instrument though, imo the only acceptable finishes are white, black,  a natural finish or sunburst (and its variants, mocha burst, tobacco burst etc). Primary-colour finishes on instruments are absolutely criminal. It's even worse when all the parts (IE: finish, headstock, fretboard, scratchplate) are all different/clashing shades, as seen on the abomination below.



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  7. 41 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    Another instance of where reading the manual helps. The on-screen keyboard is velocity sensitive: play it near the bottom for high velocity, near the top for low velocity.

    Also, volume response of a given patch is dependent on what the amp and filter envelope settings are. 

    Lol actually in this instance I tried to find the relevant info in the manual (I've been going through the PDF this morning for some other stuff) but I couldn't find what I was looking for so I thought I'd ask here..

    Thanks for the info.

  8. I've noticed that when using the keyboard in the editor to test sounds, it triggers the sound as if your "Input Level" was very high (high enough to trigger a red light) when I'm not sure that's how anyone sets the pedal up (I have an amber light at very most...)
    Is there anyway to change this? it's a bit frustrating that the sounds produced when using the editor keyboard never match what they'll actually sound like in use with a bass.

  9. 24 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    I’ve included direct links in the amended original post. 

    Sorry I'm not sure which original post you mean?
    EDIT: Don't worry, I refreshed the page and can now see them.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    Sorry, that was my mistake!

    I shared both the FI and C4 versions of this patch on the respective C4 and FI platforms - search for “only on paper”.

    Sweet, I'll take a look later and see what's going on. 

  11. 9 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    Here’s an interesting exercise: same line played on a Moog Subsequent 37, C4 and FI. Sadly I didn’t match the volume levels properly which makes it seem like the FI is weaker than the others.




    They all sound great! I do think that part of my issue in general is just that bar the FI, I'm very inexperienced with programming.
    Is it possible for you to send me this patch so I could load it up and compare to my own? 

  12. 9 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    Nathan’s videos with the FI are old v2 ones. The tracking and sound possibilities have been greatly enhanced since then. 

    What do you mean by “basic synth sounds”?

    Bear in mind, some lines on records are made using polysynths in unison mode which allow the stacking of many oscillators on a single note (up to 48 in the case of a 16-voice, 3-oscillator synth). Neither the C4 or FI will be able to get close to that kind of craziness. 

    Sorry I meant Nathan's C4 video, I thought you were asking about which demoes I'd seen of that pedal.
    In terms of FI demoes, I've not watched that many, basically I watched Dishan Abraham's episode on That Pedal Show in late 2018 after already being interested in the FI and his demo sold me. 

    By basic synth sounds I mean sounds that do not feature drastic effects such as LFOs, pitch shifting, envelopes etc. The kind of synth sounds you hear used in say a lot of pop/rnb/hip hop (not necessarily talking a big sub sound) 99.9% features a lot of that kind of sound. 
    I can program in a sound that is more or less identical to what I'm after, but it'll just sound off in ways I can't explain haha... Not enough for it to be an issue when playing, but enough for me to be constantly tweaking .

  13. 2 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    It’s not so much quick jumps. It’s possible to play pretty fast semiquaver lines, the key is to make sure the previous note is muted before following note is struck.

    The only artefact as such is a product of the FI’s fast tracking: it spits out the last-played note as soon as a trigger is detected but the time it takes for the pitch information to be read is slightly longer (as it needs to “see” a full waveform before pitch can be determined), so you sometimes hear a pitch blip as it jumps to the correct note, this is more noticeable with bigger intervals. 

    Yeah from my experience with the FI I definitely agree with all of that, especially the muting part, makes you aware of tidily you're playing/need to play. 

  14. 9 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    If you can point to particular demos (better still, point to which patches were being used) then I could potentially match them and compare and post a blind test.

    Urm well I've basically just watched some of the first demoes that came up on Youtube, Nathan Navarro for example. It's not so much that specific patches or sounds I heard were better, but the overall general character of the patches shown made me think that it might suit what I go for more (which is often a more simple Moog-like tone, something thick and warm often with a quick attack, like anything on Kaytranada's album '99.9%') 
    Sometimes I find the most basic synth sounds the hardest to recreate/emulate with the FI. I'm generally very happy with my own patches but there just seems to be a little something missing from the more basic ones no matter how much I tweak the settings/EQ. Maybe it's my programming.

  15. Just now, Quatschmacher said:

    That’s really not the case. The C4 will glitch if not played cleanly and clean technique enables getting around on both pedals equally doable. 

    As a testament to that, I leaned Greg Phillingaines’ line on Chaka Khan’s version of “We Can Work It Out” which has some fiendish licks in it and I recorded it using both C4 and FI and both pedals performed about the same.


    Hmm ok interesting. If shops weren't shut I'd just go and test out the C4 myself to see!

    Just for the record, I don't usually have any major tracking issues with the FI, it just doesn't seem to like certain specific movements or quick jumps at times, but I've yet to find myself unable to play certain songs or lines.   

  16. @CameronJ @Quatschmacher thanks for the responses guys. 

    What I meant by organic is hard to explain, but based on demoes I've watched the C4 just seems to sound more alive and warm than the FI. In terms of programming, I'm very familiar with the interface but no wizard as you've probably gathered from the many questions I've asked in your FI thread over the last year or so.

    In terms of tracking, I only really have issues if I want to play something like, going from a root to a 5th and switching strings. you have to make sure your playing is uber clean and almost have to pause between notes, it can be tricky to move up and down strings without glitching which makes playing some fast lines a bit tricky, but not always. Whereas the C4 doesn't seem to ever glitch and I've seen people fly around the neck in ways the FI could never handle (not that I'm aiming to do much crazy playing but it's nice to have the freedom) 

    I have seen players use both, such as Dishan Abrahams, maybe that's the answer...

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  17. I personally just use brand velcro to attach my power supply to the underneath of my pedaltrain classic JR, never comes loose at all. 

    In terms of raising the pedalboard, I used to own a pedaltrain metro and my power supply didn't fit underneath, so I built something to raise the board a bit at the back. 
    I just got a rectangle of wood (~1inch in thickness) the length of the board, sanded it down, painted it black, screwed some rubber feet in it and attached it underneath the board at the back using velcro (detachable if need be), this gave me enough space to attach my power supply underneath !
    Ended up being almost unnoticeable!

    Not a pro option lol but did the job!

  18. Janek Gwizdala posted a good demo the other day. The -1 octave sounds very similar to the OC2 imo, and maybe has a tiny bit more punch, but I'm not a huge fan of the +1 octave, that typical cold/sterile +1 sound you get from most pedals like POGs etc.
    As he put it, it feels more like a guitar pedal than a bass pedal..

    It looks like a good pedal for sure, but I wouldn't replace my OC2 with one tbh, not when I only use it for the -1 octave anyway.

    EDIT: I see the Janek demo was posted here 30mins ago ^^^ check it out for sure

  19. Anyone got/tried both and have any opinions?
    I have had a Future Impact for about 2 years and it's really amazing, but I'm starting to consider replacing it with a Source Audio C4 Synth based on it sounding a bit more ''organic'' to my ears and the tracking seeming a bit better.

  20. I had MIM Fender Jazz 5-string which I wasn't getting on with, so I traded it for an ATK305 and it's now my go-to bass at the moment for a lot of things. Super versatile, the active EQ is really quite powerful! 

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  21. 1 hour ago, Quatschmacher said:

    You could use the onboard EQ or an external EQ to help. 

    I do use both, I have a Tone hammer at the end of my signal chain and I make use of the onboard EQ per patch, but I'm constantly tweaking and adjusting to balance things :(

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