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  1. I'm looking to get a dual buffered junction box/patchbay (buffer on input and output).
    Something like the Goodwood Interfacer or the one Vertex Effects make would be perfect, but availability in the UK isn't great. 
    Other alternatives could be something like the Mesa Boogie High-Wire Dual Buffer/Boost pedal, but that's steering away from what I want ideally, though it can serve the role of a dual buffer ofc. 


    Good buffer specs: 
    1M input impedence 
    100 ohms output impedence

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. 21 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    That would do it and should allow you to take advantage of some of the MIDI functions like freeze and modulation. (I’d still recommend the Morningstar stuff though as it’s more versatile. The MC3 is pretty small.)

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into  the MC3 as well

  3. On 20/09/2021 at 13:57, SumOne said:


    I found a similar sort of thing with the Vintage Microtubes (non-ultra), I assumed it was vintage as in 60s Motown and Blues kind of thump that you can add a bit of light overdriven tubey breakup to but I got the impression that it's 'vintage' in terms of metal, or perhaps in terms of vintage punk/garage rock sort of stuff - too clanky for me. 

    Really? I've been using the Vintage Deluxe for years now and I find it's great for general thump/tone sculpting/light tubey breakup. 

  4. Most definitely. Any of their pedals are versatile, it's all about how you use it like anything. 
    I've been using the Vintage range of pedals for years and I never play anything heavy,  I rarely play rock at all anymore tbh.

  5. NOW £155


    Amazing pedal, great as a preamp, as a drive or as a DI for recording/live use.

    Only selling to fund some other purchases.


    In great condition and fully working. Super strong brand Velcro on the bottom. No original box.

    Collection/meetup in/around London or £5 for UK postage





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  6. (SOLD)

    Bought from Bass Direct in early 2020. Currently in the same condition I received it in.


    Best 5 string I've played at this price point, big punchy sound with a very versatile EQ.

    Small mark on headstock and small ding in the back shown in pictures.


    Active three band EQ, Humbucker pickup and two single coil modes selectable with the 3-way switch.

    Jack socket professionally replaced.


    Pickup from Clapham Junction preferred but can meet within a reasonable distance.

    Does not come with a case.


  7. 2 hours ago, moley6knipe said:

    A new 18v 2000mA centre negative power supply with (I guess the standard Boss size) 2.1mm dc jack doesn’t look to be an easy thing to find, according to a quick scan of eBay… otherwise I’d suggest buying a new PSU that’s UK specific. Hey: they’re all made in China anyway including the stock adaptors!


    This https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/18V-2000mA-AC-DC-Adaptor-Power-Supply-Charger-5-5mm-x-2-1mm-For-DC18V-0-5A-0-8A-/174766222090?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 *might* do the trick but the listing doesn’t state polarity.


    Thanks for the tips. It's working for now, with a new fuse in. But I will aim to replace it when I'm able to. 

    42 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:


    Ah... the brick is the bit that does the power conversion. That is... worrying. Somehow, the AC adaptor or plug adaptor blew a 13A fuse. That is ungood.

    Not good at all... 

  8. @Stub Mandrel Problem solved, just needed a new fuse as expected. I put a 3A fuse in the UK plug adapter and all is working as expected. 

    But to answer your questions, 
    The EU AC adapter was plugged into the UK plug adapter, I then plugged that into an extension cable which caused the sparks and all my electrics to go off. 
    My brick was not connected to the AC adapter when this happened (which was just an oversight, I would normally connect that first).

    And yes I agree the Thomann adapters are great, I ordered an Eden combo from them a while ago which came with the type of adapter that you're describing. 

  9. 14 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

    Yes. It should ideally be a 3A fuse for such a low-power unit, or a 5A if none available.


    I very much doubt a 13A fuse has blown without damage to the unit.


    When you say it 'sparked' where did this happen? To set off the main board you must have had a short. In my experience, a short inside a cheap extension cable than either a power brick or the decent quality adaptors Thomann supply.

    Thanks for the reply. 
    So do you think the entire power adapter is finished? It wasn't plugged into the brick at the time, so that would not have been affected.

    It sparked when I plugged it into a cheap extension cable. I've since binned that extension cable. 

    I've since tried my adapter from a different extension cable but it is not powering the brick.

  10. I'm using a Palmer PWT 12 to power my board (https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Palmer-PWT-12-Pedalboard-Power-Supply/2H1U?origin=product-ads&gclid=Cj0KCQiAtJeNBhCVARIsANJUJ2EaUvoVsWY9YcCD5E6RH0i0j_skk8t8b8088_sy1x75KBzUGreIyxsaAk9yEALw_wcB)
    Never had any issues with it until today.
    I just plugged it into the usual extension cable I use to practise and it sparked, knocking off all the electrics in the flat, bar cooker power and lights (none of my pedals were connected to the power brick at the time). 
    I've got all the plugs etc back on, but my power supply adapter isn't working. 
    Mine has a European plug and has a UK plug adapter (provided by supplier at time of purchase)
    EDIT: I have just checked my emails, and I ordered from Gear4Music at the end of 2019, so I have no idea why it has a European plug.


    The UK plug adapter has a fuse inside, so I planned to replace that and try hooking it up again. However when comparing the info on the fuse to the info on the UK plug adapter, there are differences


    The fuse itself says:
    13A, 250V, BS1362

    The UK plug adapter says:
    FIT 3A (5A) FUSE
    BS 5733


    2.5A (5A)

    I know very little about this kind of thing so I am hoping someone might be able to help me with the following:
    A) Was the wrong fuse in there?
    B) What kind of fuse I need to go and get now?


    Replacing the old fuse with a new 3A fuse has solved the problem, thanks!

  11. SOLD



    LF Drivers: 4 x 10" Custom Designed Speakers
    Voice Coil: 3"
    Magnet Weight: 22 oz
    HF Driver: Horn/Driver
    Voice Coil: 1"
    Magnet Weight: 8 oz
    RMS Power Handling: 200-Watts
    Frequency Response (-3dB): 55Hz-18kHz
    Usable Low Frequency (-10dB): 40Hz
    Crossover Frequency: 4kHz
    Nominal Impedance: 8-Ohms
    Sensitivity: 95dB
    Maximum SPL: 118dB
    Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 22.75 x 22.75 x 17.5
    Weight: 72 Pounds
    Full-Range, Two-Way Enclosure
    Baltic Birch Plywood
    3-Position HF Switch


  12. 4 hours ago, Linus27 said:

    The Cali 76 Compact Bass compressor is probably top of my list right now.


    I'm really new to using pedals so I gave the Behringer Octaver a go for the exact reason you mention about giving cheap pedals a go to see if it works. Its actually really good and has now become a regular part of my sound for a lot of songs. So when they become available again, I'm going to get the Boss OC-5. If for any reason I cant get one then I'll probably give the EBS one a go as this gets great reviews as well.

    It's a great compressor. Been on my board for almost 3 years now and can't see it leaving any time soon!

    Oh perhaps I misread your post, I thought you said octave was the one (out of octave, reverb, chorus) you weren't enjoying as much. 
    The OC5 looks great from demoes, yet to try one myself though. Would also recommend checking the MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, they're often available for sale <£90 here/Facebook marketplace etc. They're a really great all-round octaver, compared to the Boss ones which have their own distinct character (which I love personally). 

  13. Got a Cali 76 Compact Bass at the start of my board. I love that it has 2 volume controls, 1 for your clean signal and 1 for the compressed signal, so you can blend in the two. 
    Also has a high pass filter, so you can apply less compression to your lower frequencies, if needed. 

    I'm a fan of trying sounds/gear out with cheaper pedals before you commit to something more pricey, that's what I've always done.
    Worth a shot with one of the ones you've mentioned to see if compression is something that you need/want to use. Handy tool to have either way.
    You mentioned playing a lot of laid back stuff, I've often heard bassists turning their compressors off for those kinds of songs, as they don't need the sustain etc and want the notes to decay naturally. Depends what works for you

    What octave are you using may I ask? I've tried a few over the years, Octron, MXR bass octave.. All ended up being sold except the trusty OC2.

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