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  1. On 18/12/2019 at 07:39, leschirons said:

    I did my Ray myself using a Black & Decker heat gun.  Obviously strip all components and neck off first. Required a light sanding afterwards but took about 20 mins to do the whole body. Mine was solid black so not sure if a SB finish would come off the same. A 2" filler knife lifted off the paint in huge chunks when heated up to bubbling temp.

    Thanks for the advice, might try this some time.. Would have to be careful with the heat gun, don't want to damage the wood underneath. 

    What did you do after stripping and sanding? Did you apply any oils etc. to the wood? 

  2. Hey! 
    I've recently considered getting into understanding the insides of pedals (and circuits in general) and was wondering if anyone had any advice? Good places to start, sources of information, people to speak to etc. 
    Something I might aim to take more seriously in the future, depending on work etc, but looking to get to grips with the fundamentals as a starting point. 


  3. 10 hours ago, Tomas73 said:

    Anyone familiar with this brand and/or model?    'Power Core' by Nordel Audio

    I need a power supply too.


    I have one of these, I used it for years and had no real issues at home or live. It's a little bit noisy compared to some higher quality power supplies so I replaced it a few months ago, but for the price it's decent.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Quatschmacher said:

    Switch “envelope mode” slider into one of the other two settings then you’ll have access to the sustain parameter - use this to keep the note playing (in case of vca) or the filter open (in case of vcf).

    Oh and read the manual. 😆(Particularly the section on envelopes.)

    Haha yes, I do need to give the manual a proper read, I've been so busy lately (teacher training) and so I do appreciate the quick info. Hopefully one day soon I won't need to ask any more ;) 

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  5. Looking for some advice. 
    Programmed a synth sound to match the bass sound of the track below, and how it 'fades in' (ducks?), but the problem with the editor I find, is that I can't get the note to stay at its 'peak' for long enough. It'll fade/swell in, then after a certain time (the max isn't very long) it'll need to fade back down/suddenly go back down (parameter dependent). What I'm looking to make is a patch that will fade/swell in, but then stay at the 'peak'/open sound for as long as I hold it, but I'm not sure this is possible..
    VCA/VCF section looks like this for the simple fade in effect.


  6. 2 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

    I know it’s becoming a mantra, but please do read the manual. I put a lot of effort into it and am pretty sure it covers anything you could want to know. It has a clear index and is in pdf format so is searchable. There are lots of cool features in there that might not be immediately apparent. In fact, when I went to rewrite it, there was a feature in there that I was unaware of. 

    I gave it a read when I first bought the pedal about a year ago, but it was my first real take on programming, so I found a lot of it went over my head and I just messed around with the interface until I was able to make it do what I needed and was able to programme decent patches. 
    I think now that I've got a better grasp of the pedal (and synths in general) it would probably be worth going back to it. 
    I'll check out the pdf version, as my pedal was brought pre v3, so the manual that came with it might be outdated in sections now

  7. Anyone got any advice on starting a fresh patch, like a default, removing all parameters/effects etc?

    Maybe I'm missing something, but there doesn't seem to be a 'clear all' type feature, which is a bit annoying when you want to make a new patch. I don't always want to have to edit a preexisting one.
    On occasions I've taken two different patches, changed ALL the parameters so that they are the same, and they will both sound different... Like some of the features or elements of the old patch are still there in the tone or character... So it's really hard to just start from scratch and really get used to building patches from the ground up.

    I'm hoping I've missed a really basic feature that allows me to do this ha!

  8. Needs no intro, one of the best and most versatile bass octaves I've ever tried, but surplus to requirements at the moment so moving it on.

    Great tracking, loads of volume and low end, with the growl and girth controls giving you really nice control over the tone of the octave. 
    The Mid+ button (next to dry control) allows you to boost the midrange frequencies of your dry signal in order to help it cut through. 

    Fully functioning, great condition, comes with original box and price includes postage.


  9. 2 minutes ago, dodge_bass said:

    I found that the three leaf audio Octabreve is probably the closest emulator of an OC2. I wasn’t a huge fan of the base  octave deluxe to be honest - each to their own :) 

    Yeah they look very good! I'd rather fix up my OC2 than get one of those tbh. 
    That's fair, it's definitely different (which is fine because I wanted an OC2 alternative). it's a bit more of a 'run of the mill octave', which is generally what I'd heard about it and expected, but very beefy so I can see it being very usable, if not slightly less unique than the OC2

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  10. Just now, dodge_bass said:

    It’s a pretty simple soldering job so most people who are handy with a soldering iron should be able to do it. Where are you based?

    I'm based in Luton, just north of London.

    1 minute ago, dodge_bass said:

    That’s interesting. I’ve got a couple and I’m sure that one of these is Japanese and I haven’t noticed any difference in the output. Only been running them on 9V. 

    Yeah I did try running mine on both 9v and 12v but didn't notice any audible difference. But I've checked a few forums and pages and it seems that if it says ACA adaptor not PSU adaptor, then it needs 12v to run properly.  But I can't find anything official. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, dodge_bass said:

    Yup. There’s a mod that involves disconnecting the -2 Oct which increase the output. You can also decrease the dry pot too for further volume however just taking the -2 really sorts out the volume issue and with a bit of dry mixed in it sits great in the mix. It’s a super quick job you just need a good teccy! 

    Oh interesting, I'll have to look into this. Know anywhere I could look to have this done? My OC2 actually has no dry signal.. I think the pot for that control is broken so that's another repair that needs doing. Maybe I could look for someone who could do both at the same time. Although I've just bought an MXR Bass Octave deluxe and I think that might be more usable, as much as I love the oc2.

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  12. So I see a lot of people using OC2s with the dry signal and -2 octave all the way off and the -1 octave all the way up. I've had my OC2 for years but whenever I've tried to use it like this, it's been way too quiet, the -1 octave simply isn't loud enough to be used alone and when engaged, there's a significant drop in volume, even when using a powerful amp/cab and a Cali76 compressor in front of it. 

    Am I missing something? I watch demos and it doesn't seem to happen to others.

  13. Hmm might give them a shout.. The direct signal of my OC2 doesn't work anymore and I've got an MXR analog chorus which just stopped working one day and seems to cause any power supplies to cut out when it's plugged in, so not sure what the issue is.

  14. It kinda sucks that they changed how you scroll through patches, so when you're on 9, you go to 10 rather than going back to 1, which means you HAVE to double click program to scroll down.. Bit of a pain. 

  15. 1 minute ago, Quatschmacher said:

    Read the description on flexi controllers. It’s all explained there far more clearly than I can type now. There’s an example at the end of that section which you can follow and all should be clear. 

    I'll look that up, thanks for the tip!

  16. image.png.92c6d85b28889f5eca305b9e3fb7ea20.png
    I have one last question (for now lol)...
    How do you split a parameter like this? I see some patches shift pitch/resonance/LFO etc and I have a patch I'd like to apply to this too.. but can't seem to figure out how. 
    I'm reading through the user manual now, but perhaps you might be able to help?

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