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  1. Help with getting a gigable gitar amp

    [quote name='Naetharu' timestamp='1449618285' post='2925354'] Just had a search and cannot find anything on those - seems Peavy don't make them any more? They do the 6505 mini-head that looks interesting however. Has anyone tried one of these? [/quote] Van Halen holds the 5150 trademark and Peavey re-badged the amp as a 6505 when the licencing deal ended in the mid 2000s. The 6505 or 6505+ can easily be picked up for around £500 second hand. I think the 5150 badged Peavey amps hold a bit more value but are still fairly common. There's also a 6534+ (which I own and love) same amp but runs on EL34 tubes, not a common variant of the amp though. All will be solidly built and versatile enough to cover most playing styles including high gain metal. I'd love to try the 6505 Mini Head but they don't seem too common in the UK, I'd also have reservations about how loud it can be played cleanly (20 watts distorted will still be ridiculously loud). Blackstar would be the other recommendation, can easily be picked up S/H, plenty of good reviews. Definitely go with a 2x12 cab and not a 4x12.