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  1. Thank you., I didn't know you could trial Helix Native. I have a simple recording set up at home so I'll give that a blast.
  2. If I wanted to emulate an Ampeg SVT classic, is the Helix Stomp a good place to start / check out? I’d like to replicate the tone I got in the studio as much as I can and when I was there I ran a B3k into the SVT classic on one channel and blended it with a compressed DI signal with a low pass. I know I won’t get all the way there but it’d be nice to get close. I’m currently using the darkglass B3k into the Aguilar agro for my drive tone, blended with a compressed clean signal and while I’m getting a good tone, I’m not quite there. any advice on the helix stomp in terms of the amp sims would be appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know if it's possible to repair a dunlop 105Q mini bass wah? Mine has stopped working, the effect no longer works and sound does not pass through it when not in use. Perhaps it's a power supply issue on the pedal itself? I've checked inside and I don't see any damage to the PCB. I'm hoping it's possible to repair before I have to shell out for a new one. Any help or advice is appreciated Paddy
  4. I'm selling my B7K, it was used on my pedalboard for a very short time then moved back in it's box. I prefer the sound of my B3K with either the sansamp para driver or bass driver. There is some residue from the tape I used to hold the settings in place, and some Velcro on the bottom. Other than that, it's clean without any marks that I can see. It works perfectly (tested last night). Comes with original box. I'm based in Manchester so you can collect or I can post. Postage will be an additional £5 Paddy
  5. thanks for the contact details and suggestions! I'll grab some HB's too
  6. So here's a strange one. My Ampeg svt6pro has started clipping and creating an intermittent popping sound. I checked through my whole pedal board to see if the issue was there and couldn't fine any problems. Even when all cables except the power lead are connected, the clipping light flashes intermittently. It turns out, this only happens whilst my drummer is drumming....I know this sounds odd. Does anyone have any ideas, do you think there's a lose connection which is possibly vibrating? Might be time for a service so does anyone know a good amp tech in the manchester area? Any thoughts??
  7. I have a tech 21 sansamp RBI for sale. I bought it 2-3 years ago and it has lived in a rack case the whole time. Great bit of kit but all effects are now on a pedal board and this is surplus to requirements. UK postage included, comes with original box. Paddy
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