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  1. Great review. As a, dare I say it, "hobby" player I have no need (wants are another matter) for anything larger than this and am more than happy with mine. I originally cobbled together a Y speakon cable but graduated to a DIY 1 in 2 out junction box! which works well. It does indeed keep up with a 60W Marshall guitar combo and a drummer with anger management issues. In fact Mr Drums asked me could I turn it down! It really does sound really good plugged straight in but I still bung things in the signal chain...
  2. I was lucky enough to see him play the sound track to "The Naked Lunch" in 2000. Very glad I did.
  3. Ticktock

    PJ bass

    Cheers Handman, just ordered a jbxn bridge pup for my "main" bass. Hope you get the problem sorted.
  4. Thanks for the headsup, just went and bought one. I put the cheaper P and J in a cheap fretless I got recently. They might be cheap to buy but they are rather good indeed. The incoming neo I will put in my Ibanez EDB 550 as I feel that the stock pups aren't so great. SD licensed types.
  5. Ticktock

    PJ bass

    I just put the pbx and jx versions in a cheap fretless and I love the sound from them. Check out everything as I want to know how good the ones you have are!
  6. I have never been able to listen to The Smiths. I get that the music is good but getting past Morrissey's voice? Nope, I have not been able to do that as yet. Also, hoarse vocal-to the point of sounding like harsh static- metal. Cannot abide it. (Hoarse vocal metal, is that a new genre?) Snow Patrol. Can't listen to 'em. I know , for me living where I do, they are considered the local team but if I think they are crap then they are. IMO. When I was younger I could not abide "powerpop". Then in my thirties I started listening to some of it. (I blame my wife).
  7. Aaron sent me a link to it yesterday. Stonkin stuff! Algorithms I liked a lot.
  8. Ticktock


    New Pedals Day The postman delivered two pedals this morning. A dyna comp clone and an alleged Xotic BB clone called "orange burst". Crap name but oh baby do I like it. Both bought from donnerdeal ( skinted not minted ). I had 20 mins with them earlier along with an Ultimate drive (OCD fulltone clone) and my Zoom B3. Compressor, orange burst, ultimate drive, (zoom) chorus, octaver, Gk amp sim ( I have GK MB200). I put on the drum machine and riffed along. With a big grin on my face. Wow. This was on headphones, I can't wait to hear this through the cabs. Not a blend of effects for most of the stuff I would play but my old mates I play with are gonna love it for the balls out crank it up stuff. I am a happy bunny. The compressor clone is a compressor, much like the version on my zoom. The bb clone is the same but better, to my ears. So much better actually.
  9. I used to play "So lonely" as a drummer, love that song.
  10. My wife made me watch it as she has been listening to her already. Great feel and her vocal gave me the shivers. In a good way though. I totally missed that the bass was strung normal. Maybe his lefty got pinched.........?
  11. Ticktock

    Valve pre amp

    Cheers man, that is very helpful indeed. I know diddly about designing circuits and defer to superior knowledge. I'll be passing on the schematic to "my engineer". He'll be awfully happy things aren't going to be overly complicated by me!
  12. Ticktock

    Valve pre amp

    My Dad, being a retired electrician who knows his way round a circuit board has volunteered to build me a valve pre amp. My suggestion totally. He's using the "McTube" design I found online, which ,even to me, looks like a simple circuit. I am thinking about a sweep mid eq type tone stack. Just how much will this complicate things? I'll be happy with "valvey grit" but can't help myself from thinking about it going "one louder", as it were.
  13. 5x18 2x15 1x12 1x6 Pyramid shaped, purple sparkly finish with pulsing leds all over, oh, and I want two of them.
  14. At a biker festival, during setup, water dripped through a tarp "roof" into the mixing desk. Finally, when all the gear had been brought out of the van and powered up....... Pop, fizzle. -silence- When it was figured out what had happened we realised that being an oufit with bleeps and beats we had no hope of playing. We got out alive, I reversed for a a good few hundred yards up a one track lane between dry stone walls ( talk about high anxiety!) to let an ambulance into the site. I have a permanent knee injury due to trying to push the van out of the mud too. I wouldn't play a biker do nowadays unless it was a rock or blues band. The organiser was a mate who worked in electronics, when he heard what had happened the desk his head was in his hands. Still, they were entertained by some dude bending blues notes into the wee small hours. Just a disaster for us.
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