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  1. I"m having a clear out so these have to go. Fender 57 reissue precision, fiesta red with tort pickguard, Basswood body, jap pickups,maple neck, tiny scratch on the body, not really worth mentioning but im just being honest. other than that this bass is pristine. comes with tweed hard case ( mint condition ) Also 120w british built carlsbro bass bomber,15inch speaker in excellent condition ( bought it off here ). Theres also a few books and a dvd plus a couple of other bits and pieces. I may split the package but i would rather it go all in one. If your interested then PM me with your offers. If i dont get back to you straight away, its because i"m working but i will reply ASAP I"m looking around the 400 mark. collection only because of the size of the package.
  2. Top bloke and very friendly, his missus makes a great brew as well Cheers mate, nice meeting you.
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    Why is it that when you want something its not available, but as soon as your sorted they all come along at once ( buses ). I was after one of these just before christmas and there wasn"t any so i bought my 57 reissue which left me skint. S**T.
  5. Forgot to mention. I"m in Wigan, lancashire so if poss a local swap but maybe if anyones interested then i"m sure we can sort out a meet.
  6. As the title says. I have 3 precisions and this doesn"t get used, its immaculate,not a mark or scratch on it. You all know the pj set up and the thinner jazz neck so i wont go into detail, suffice to say you wont find a bass in as good a condition as this,comes with fender gig bag. I'm looking to expand into 5 string so if anyone has one they no longer use and their up for a swap then pm me. cheers mick
  7. This has been on a couple of times now with a couple of people showing interest but the deals have fell through. Got this off a BCer a few months back but cant remember his name ( sorry mate, you know who you are ) its basically flawless, the only mark i can find is a tiny mark on the headstock but you really have to look to see it, not really worth mentioning but i'm just being honest. I've just put a brand new set of roundwounds on it (rotosound), everything works as it should and it sounds awesome but i just cant get along with the shape. Looking to swap for a jazz style bass (pref squire standard) or an epi EBO/EB3. Would prefer it if the swap was localish, i m in WIGAN,LANCS so anywhere around the north west. Unfortunatly there is no case or bag as this was how i bought it. cheers mick
  8. Hope you all have a top christmas and a bass playing new year. ENJOY.
  9. The last 2 basses i bought was from a store in blackburn (reidys) which is 30 miles away from my house and i went to pick up these basses from the store as their attitude was second to none, the first time i bought one they phoned me on my mobile to ask if i wanted directions to the shop as i hadn't been there before, needless to say i have bought quite a few things from their since and have sent other people there as well. They couldnt do enough for me when i got their, dug out a decent bass amp to try the bass on, brilliant shop. this is before i would go and spend money in a shop 2 miles from where i live.
  10. According to the girlfriend, she was looking for a bass dvd and picked up a guitar dvd, when she asked the fella at the counter he just said to her, "cant you read, this is for guitar not bass" like i said she has no idea when it comes to instruments, needless to say she left the dvd on the counder and walked out but if i know my girlfriend she would have said something else which would have been none to polite.
  11. Yesterday my girlfriend came home from shopping and told me she had been in the local music store looking to buy me something for christmas, she said the bloke behind the counter was the most ignorant and arrogant B****RD she had ever met who showed no interest whatsoever in helping her out. My girlfriend is not musically minded and wouldnt know a lead guitar from a bass guitar or fiddle from a banjo, when she told me what shop she had been in, my reply was "you shouldn't have bothered" has i refuse to shop in this store for the same reason. A good friend of mine is the same as he bought a guitar and amp from there a few years ago, £600 worth to be precise and all they wanted to do was take is money and get him out of the shop. How do small music stores stay in business when they have staff like that on their books, their teachers are no better as my mate found out, half a dozen lessons listening to some smart arse guitar player show off with screaming solo's and learned sod all. Like the title of the thread says IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL.
  12. What you have to understand is everyone has different tastes. I've only been playing for 18 months and i'm 40 years old so i'm far from qualified to comment on anybodys bass playing, let alone a legend ( supposedly ). The bass players i admire,(Harris ,Butler, Carter,, etc etc ) will be completely different to the younger generations bass players, dont ask me to name them as i'm stuck in the 70s and 80s . I can honestly say i have never heard a single tune by jaco ( not even on youtube ) you can shoot me if you want but i've never really been that interested, maybe i will, maybe i wont.
  13. I'm not a fan of warwick basses but this is a travesty. I could seriously do a better job myself and i'm not blowing my own trumpet here, i really could
  14. 2nd time this has been on as i didn't put a photo or location on last time , As the title says, an epi thunderbird in stunning condition, bought this off a BC,er a few months ago as i always fancied one, i really cant get along with it so have decided to put it up for grabs. Ideally i'm looking for an Epi EB3 but i will consider a squire standard series jazz, age is not really important as long as its in decent condition. There is no bag or case with this ( its how i bought it ). Its a shame to just leave it gathering dust as its to fine an instrument and sounds awesome but i prefer my precisions. I'm located in wigan in lancashire but dont mind travelling within reason.
  15. I'm the same as a few BC'ers on here. I dont have kids but i have a partner that hates the sound of a bass guitar, personally i couldn't care less what my partner thinks of my bass playing and i've told her enough times. I love picking up my bass because i feel comfortable with it and it makes me feel happy and as far as i'm concerned thats all that matters. If your partners are not happy with it then tough s**t on your partner, i dont moan about my partners hobby of brand gear ( seriously) so bollocks to her.
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  17. I've been a member of basschat for a while now but never really introduced myself so here goes. I've been playing bass for about 15 months and loving it, i've posted on here a few times and i love all the threads, plus i've learned a hell of a lot while being here. I bought an epi thunderbird off a basschatter ( cant remember his name now ) but i met him and he was a really nice guy plus the bass was mint and i still have it, i also own a 57 reissue precision and a squire precision special. I dont gig at present but i do jam with a few mates a lot, gigging is looking favourite in the next few months and i cant wait.
  18. As the title says. Epiphone thunderbird in mint condition, no case or bag (unfortunatly). bought this off a BC'R a few weeks weeks ago and its a stunning bass, looking for an eb3 in decent condition. dont mind travelling within reason., This must be a straight swap. Only reason for swapping is i want an eb3 ( pure and simple )
  19. I have a 57 reissue precision CIJ 04/05 model, i was wondering does anyone know if the body was basswood or alder on this model and also are the pickups japanese or american. cheers.
  20. I have a squire standard precision special in antique burst in showroom condition, theres not a mark on this bass, i bought it a couple of months ago but dont use it a great deal as i have 3 other precisions. I fancy a squire jazz (standard series ) so if anyone has one they would like to do a swap for, PM me and we'll sort something out, the jazz must be in ex condition. this would have to be a straight swap as i'm skint at the mo (nowt new there then ) and i would prefer if it was in the north west somewhere. sorry about the crappy photo but it was the best i could do, at short notice
  21. These are not bad axes, i have one and i love it, i have a tendency to pick this up over my 57 reissue. somebody buy it, its a bargain and you wont regret it.
  22. impending solicitors fees forces me to sell this combo. Laney dp150 4x10 combo, this amp is about 20 years old but is in pretty good nick for its age, i bought this off a guy in liverpool a few months ago who told me that it had been completely out of use for the last 10 years so could probably do with a service, everything works as it should and all the sliders are intact, there is rust on the screws that hold the front grill on but thats no big deal and the odd crackle from the gain button. This amp is loud as hell and would make a great first gigging amp, ideal for pubs and clubs, i've only used it in the house about 5 times since i bought it but need to sell due to solicitors asking silly fees for doing sod all.lol. The amp is based in wigan/lancashire so would have to be collected due to the size and weight. MATE OF MINE AS BOUGHT IT I'm asking £120 which is less that what i paid for it. sorry about the photo but i've not got my head around resizing pictures yet.
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