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  1. hehee yes, like new 😛 But still a very nice bass didn´t know that feature of the saddles, Interesting
  2. Its just me, or the string spacing have something weird...
  3. Hello all. After a few years in standby, im going back to play, and i tried one precision of a friend, and liked the sound, and he recommended me to by one of this for fun. It look good, and after all the reviews and opinions, can prefectly be a great candidate. I just would lime to know what is the string spacing of the bridge. It basically will be used all the basis, and change the electronic (pu and pots). Thanks
  4. the neck joint and fixing holes are equal to G&L basses.
  5. in the green way.. matching HEadstock. definetly.. Eventually the other 2.. (orange or yelow) for me is with a black 3ply Pckguard and maybe with a clean fretboard
  6. Like it a lot.. similar to mine... but with 5 strings and 34" maple FB with custom inlay
  7. Lovely pair Just for curiosity (personnal taste) haw could look the Lakland with a transparent acrylic, to match the MTD look ?
  8. Just a note. The price in EUR are the same, but since the GBP is losing value due the Brexit question, the convertion GBP-EUR is increasing
  9. I had 3 basses.. but basicly only used 1... so i sold all of them, analyse the best of each one, and had a custom built... simple, and suit for everything (for now). But plan in a future add other.. for now.. already choosed.. for a specific type, with 1/2 step down... rock/metal covers... a Dingwall NG2. And the Marusczzyk sut everything else, on standard tuning So, for me, 2 will be enough.
  10. I did when has 28. due to back problems. Had a carvin rig (BX1200+case=33lb + rl210=45lb + rl115=70lb) witch was to much weight to me, and to much power for my needs (1000rms) Now i have a Genz Benz stm600 + 2x focus 1x12 that weight around 60lb total and is easier to transport. I don't regret a bit the change
  11. Hello, Lovely rig you had (i have one, exacty the same STM600+2xfocus12) and it sounds lovely. In that time, i saw the rumble cabinets also, they had more power (250w) but with different voicing. Honestly i don't believe them will sound as good as the focus since they already exists, but believe they are also a good sound/weight option. The V3 model (new) has a eminence speaker, the same tweeter functions (on/off/-6db) and a bit bigger dimensions for better bottom end. If you have chance, try them and see how they sound to your ears
  12. flippyfloop, I have choose al the woods, hardware and electronics, and costumized everything as i liked (string spacing, nech dimensions, weight and string gauge). For me is my perfect bass, but i haven't had to much, but taking the best part (for me) of each bass i tried, and manage to set a unique instrument, for me the final result was perfect. Very ergonomic, comfortable, no neck dive and clean sound. Sound is very good. It has delano pickups and pre amp. It don't have the same powered output has my G&L, but it have a very good sound, clean a tight, good to manage with my amp (Genz benz streamliner) to get sound or vintage, or more modern hifi. Here is photos of it : https://meocloud.pt/link/0fbe2f47-e7ce-4f69-aac8-f6ef08e2c295/Marus%20Frog/ Hope it help, If need more infos, let me konw
  13. +1 for the G&L. Miss mine so much... Or for some kind of difference, a Lakland xx-02 Define the number os strings (4 ou 5) and see the options
  14. Grat basses seeing around here flippyfloop, I have one
  15. Lovely basses showing up around here The sky (and the wallet) is the limit for a dream bass
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