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  1. and i believe your bass is listed in their for sale section already. :-)
  2. my two ladies: '98 thumb bo '04 corvette standard just saving for a 5 string streamer then I'm done..hopefully.
  3. withdrawn because my wife just gave me the bass that I want as a birthday gift! I really have the best wife in the world!
  4. Thanks for the kind words Harry.. having a today-is-my-birthday bump!
  5. ordep


    purchased an SWR combo from nick a while ago. very good communication and fast shipping. deal with confidence.
  6. TBH still not 100% sure if I can let go of this bunch but I am seriously GASsing for something else.. if ever, do send your interest thru PM 1 month sonic research turbo tuner, mint with box and manual, 129 new, selling for 100 shipped in UK aguilar filter twin, used but working great some slight paint scratches, no box, 165 new, selling for 110 shipped in UK foxrox octron used but working great. a few paint scratches, no box, around 160 new, selling for 120 shipped in UK. priced will be slightly reduced if you take the whole lot. (note: that's curtain reflection on the screen of the turbo tuner) cheers, Chris
  7. had the pleasure of dealing with Harry too. good communication and an all around nice guy. deal with confidence Bchatters. :-)
  8. selling my iron ether polytope. barely used as I am busy with other things atm. manual is included, going for 130 shipped within UK. looking also to trade for a Boss RC3, EBS microbass II, sansamp paradriver or aguilar tonehammer pedal cheers
  9. for sale is my brand new unused source audio programmable EQ. received it as a gift but I need the funds for a bedroom amp so this have to go. i think bassdirect is selling this for 129 shipped so I'll let go for [s]115[/s] [b]110[/b] shipped. will upload actual photos tonight. [url="http://www.sourceaudio.net/products/toolblox/programmable_eq.php"]http://www.sourceaud...rammable_eq.php[/url] cheers.
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