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  1. I've always loved the octave in the line 6 pedals, so I sure you could pick up a line 6 m5 second hand for that sort of money and it gives you loads of other effects as well. If you after a standalone octave though I did like the ebs one alot but it depends what sort of octave sound you want. An oc2 style octave is for me a bit more 'synthy' and wasnt my thing, so I stuck with the more 'natural' sounding ones.
  2. great guys to deal with and the postage was super fast. cheers Alex
  3. Hi Any one got a cog r1 there looking to shift?
  4. Hi I'm looking for one of those premium soft cases that you can wear as a backpack for a pedaltrain 2 if anyone has one for sale? Thanks Perry
  5. Line 6 helix rack maybe? it has all of that and plenty more!
  6. Easy! Earthquaker devices grand orbiter by far the best one I've tried
  7. Hi I've had a fal phase 50-4 for a while but never really thought much of it until I plugged it into my barefaced compact and I was shocked that I managed to get a really decent sound out of it ( well to my ears anyway) but I was wondering if anyone knew if it would work down to 4 ohms? There is no ohm rating on the amp so I'm not really sure what it can and can't do. I'm pretty sure it will work fine with a 4 ohm cab but if any one has any first hand experience and or info on the amp that would great. I was also looking at a fal super 100 as a possible 'upgrade' does anyone know if that too will work at 4 ohms?
  8. Two more for you guys I think that baseman sticker is just something put on after
  9. There just one my mate took but I'll try get some more detailed one asap
  10. I did think this, makes the most sense cheers
  11. hi guys after knowing the guitarist in our band for over 4 years it has taken him all this time to tell me that has 'this old matsumoku bass' just sat around his house. so i told him to bring it over and its a nice looking p bass old and battered and after setting it up and a bit of tlc it actually plays and sounds really nice! I think I'm starting to fall for it a bit but anyway i can't really get any info on what it is or the age ,the only thing i have to go off is the neck plate which says: Matsumoku D771323 made in Japan on the back, there is no branding on it or anything. does anyone have any ideas about the age or maybe what it actually is? ill try and get some pictures up at some point but honestly is like any other p bass. lawsuit model perhaps?
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