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  1. Sounds great Andy, thank you so much! Excited to get my hands on this and make some noise!!
  2. This is looking amazing @Andyjr1515 thank you!!!
  3. Checked out your youtube! Great stuff - nice one
  4. Quite excited to see this finished!! Go Andy!!
  5. Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhh! Looking great
  6. Well I’m excited! Thanks @GarethFlatlands and of course @Andyjr1515 !!!
  7. I’m excited! Thanks for the thread and your amazing work @Andyjr1515 I haven’t owned a multi-scale before and have only played one briefly but when Andy asked I was very up for the idea! Re scale length, I like all flavours - the previous “African fretless” build we actually went 34.5” and I do think small differences affect the tone, not better or worse exactly just a difference of “vibe” that I enjoy Both of these bodies I had carved for me in Gambia on trips there where I was playing with musicians from the area @GarethFlatlands thanks for kind offer re fingerboard, let’s see what the boss has to say Thanks everyone for the enthusiasm, I will go back to lurking and excitedly waiting for updates from the mad scientist!!!!!!!!! Tom
  8. I’m not familiar with it, but cool! Best of luck & can’t wait to see more
  9. This sounds interesting, hope it’s going well! Wondering which CAD programme you are using?
  10. I’ve been doing an even worse job than usual of lurking!! But huge thanks to @Andyjr1515 for the setups and the mods..! Am excited to put the Squier to work @Sibob so cool you were at PLASA!!! And hilarious to be recognised by my modded bass Cheeky advert.. If any basschat crew are around I’m playing a (very!) small show with Nyah in Hackney Downs tomorrow: https://www.facebook.com/events/1334421266721824/ Cheers y’all! Tom
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