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  1. wwcringe

    Boss OC2 MIT 1989

    Second dibs please!
  2. wwcringe

    Any bass players in North London?

    Drop me an email? [email protected] Sounds up my street, folk rock till the cows come home. Fretless lots, also play fiddle like a boss. Usually modest, apparently less so today!! I'm on holiday!! Haha. Best of luck with your project, Tom (living near Manor House)
  3. wwcringe

    Finished! A Bridge Too Far?

    ^ now THAT is amazing I knew Andy was good with wood, much better with photoshop!!!!!!
  4. wwcringe

    Finished! A Bridge Too Far?

    Wowzer!! Looking ace
  5. wwcringe

    Finished! A Bridge Too Far?

    AJR ... the Netflix of Basschat, totally addictive builds! Can't wait to see how this turns out!! 😄
  6. wwcringe

    TheGreek's Mystery Bass Rebuild

    Fantastic result!! Nice one!!
  7. Any idea if the Gotoh's are the correct size for a Squier Deluxe Jazz V?! If so, I'll have em please
  8. wwcringe

    2016/2017 build season fretless/fretted 5

    Fantastic, love the minimal look and the interesting "hardware" approach. How does it sound??
  9. wwcringe

    TheGreek's Mystery Bass Rebuild

    Only just had chance to check in with this since almost the beginning of the project - looking amazing! What was a "save a bass/novelty repair" project has turned into a really classy instrument, by the looks of it very playable and "very AJR" as well!! Fantastic work Andy!
  10. wwcringe

    TheGreek's Mystery Bass Rebuild

  11. wwcringe

    Sold - Firecreek Custom 5 String

  12. Where are you based for collection?
  13. wwcringe

    Behringer BVT4500H - NOW SOLD

    Whereabouts are you please Lozz? Might be interested
  14. wwcringe

    Single Cut Camphor and Alder PJ

    The headstock is a crowning glory haha Jokes aside, fab looking bass & I'm keen to hear how it sounds Andy I had one of your instruments out last night (the infamous Afro bodied fretless) and I have to say, soundcheck was one of the best "bass tone" moments of easily the last year! Really excellent, and entirely DI'd so a true testament to the instrument and in particular the 3pce neck you put together for it. Keep up the splendid work!
  15. wwcringe

    Single Cut Camphor and Alder PJ

    very classy, very nice headstock very AJR...!! Nice one Andy, another fantastic bass in the works. I'd love to hear/play it when finished