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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. i also use zip ties, they only work on true bypass pedals (so they remember when theyre on and off) not the buffered bypass ones which revert to off when powered up i just snip them off if i need to change anything about [IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/11bpuhl.jpg[/IMG]
  3. recently moved from a pedaltrain JR up to the Novo 18, slightly raised the back feet so my two preamps could sit underneath the board, allowing me to cram a few more effects up top [IMG]https://image.ibb.co/gw9TLv/image2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://image.ibb.co/jEXF0v/image7.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://image.ibb.co/dT1a0v/image1.jpg[/IMG] i do have an additional gigrig timelord isolated adaptor on the way as i'd heard the whammy is noisy when sharing a power supply, but i don't seem to be having any noise issues with mine?
  4. you definitely CAN use both together, sounds to me you just dont like the sound of them combined, i'd probably just swap out the sansamp for another preamp
  5. ive always understood "heft" as more of a weighty term, like the weight/punch of a note if we're talking about tone or a big hefty amp if it weighs a ton/is massive etc
  6. [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] picked up a new line selector from Tom over at COG so i can switch between two different settings/amounts of parallel blend on my suncoast b1p preamps, setting 1 has the more overdriven pre lower in the mix, whilst setting 2 brings it forward[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] [IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/30jtrh4.jpg[/IMG][/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/243q6ti.jpg[/IMG][/font][/color]
  7. the old boss pq-3b is very good for this
  8. thanks guys! and would i just simply cut it out and stick it (staple or adhesive i imagine?) to the inside walls and back?
  9. Thanks bill, will dampening the cab myself be an easy job? What kind of material is best / what kind of tonal changes can I expect?
  10. [quote name='hubrad' timestamp='1460631682' post='3027382'] That rear view pic looks they're wired as 2 pairs in parallel, each pair being in series. Basically that means that if the individual drivers ar, say 8Ohms, each pair will show as 16 but then the two pairs in parallel will make 8 again. So whatever the individual impedance (assuming all the same), that's the imp. of the cab. Power handling is double that of one speaker, as a series pair can only handle the single amount whereas a parallel pair will split it between them. Again assuming all the same impedance drivers. Eminence usually have a little white label on with the impedance, usualy on the side face of the magnet.. owt like that? [/quote] im not with the cab right now but will check for the little label later on! thanks a lot
  11. [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]Just picked up a Marshall 412 bass cab and just trying to dig up some history on it, I'm not sure it's all original as the circular badge on the back says its 100w but it's loaded with 4 eminence drivers which don't look too old, but then i know these cabs are notorious for being mislabelled.[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]I just got it to beat around on tour so I'm not bothered about it being original, but I have no idea about ohmage etc or what kind of power I can push through it safely, looking up the drivers online seems to suggest 250w each.[/font][/color]
  12. [quote name='bassmayhem' timestamp='1460055344' post='3022224'] My new Temple Audio board with the pedals mounted. No cables yet... [/quote] i love seeing someone else using the suncoast! its my favourite preamp,
  13. Ant


    [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] been waiting to get this one together for a while now, just picked it up after leaving with my "go to" luthier/tech man[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] this was put together to be the ultimate touring workhorse, for gig after gig after gig.[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] Slab Precision Bass body (quite light, parted out from someones bass who had created a fully faithful tribute to the old fender slab precisions, but then parted it out after acquiring an original, if i remember correctly) neck pocket had been widened for the previous neck, so has a bit of a gap, but its only cosmetic and i kind of like the janky look.[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] original oldschool (i believe) fender precision pickguard with the metal plate underneath.[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] Dimarzio DP122 model p pickups, mid heavy p bass pickups - the only type i play[/font][/color][color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] pickups are wired straight to volume (no tone control) and then to jack.[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] Leo Quan Badass II bass bridge - i have these on all of my basses, this is the type with the pre slotted saddles.[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] Limelight medium relic 75' style jazz bass neck, rosewood fret board with block inlays and fretboard binding[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] reverse tuners - i don't think they would've been standard on this neck, but its something i much prefer.[/font][/color] [color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] [IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/15fndys.jpg[/IMG][/font][/color][color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] [IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/4twod3.jpg[/IMG][/font][/color][color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] [IMG]http://i66.tinypic.com/m8zo7a.jpg[/IMG][/font][/color][color=#141414][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,] [IMG]http://i65.tinypic.com/beskd3.jpg[/IMG][/font][/color]
  14. not strictly a full limelight, but here is my slab precision build utilising a limelight jazz neck in a medium relic [attachment=214498:image1.JPG][attachment=214499:image2.JPG][attachment=214500:image3.JPG][attachment=214501:image4.JPG]
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