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  1. Ahaha damn, just my luck! 😂 Yeah, I’ve heard from Chapman themselves that they were having issues with the consistency of the manufacturing of these so they’ve pulled all their basses until at least the summer this year. Have considered asking Dave (Hollingworth, I know the guy) if he has another for sale but your comments have made me really reconsider as those are some of the same concerns I myself had guessed about the bass. Guess I’ll stick to my Mayones BE4 for now and thanks for replying to a dinosaur thread!
  2. If you ever want to sell this, let me know. Been trying to track one done since they were first announced, to no avail 😔
  3. Weird, I am in Horsham too haha. I’ll message you and make arrangements, I would love to try it out! Not worried about any other superficial issues so long as the neck is as smooth as...erm...something very smooth!
  4. What’s the back of the neck like condition-wise? I love the finish of the back of the neck in these but most I’ve played are besten to all hell. Where are you based in West Sussex? I’m here too!
  5. Hey dude, what’s the back of the neck like on this bass? I’m trying to find another jazz from this era was a spotless neck as most I’ve played have had loads of dings in the back but I love the gloss finish on the back of the neck on this era of jazz bass. Please let me know!
  6. Did the sale go through? I’m still interested if not and have cash waiting ☺️
  7. What’s the balance like? Any sound clips? Any scratches or damage to the back of the neck? I’m very tempted even though I just bought another bass 😑
  8. [quote name='gary mac' timestamp='1508074296' post='3389578'] I was referring to earlier posts not yours. [/quote] Ahhh, not to worry then! :-)
  9. [quote name='gary mac' timestamp='1508070487' post='3389546'] Please keep trade offers to private message only. [/quote] It wasn't an offer; that would be insane. I was asking if it's for sale as I am still interested.
  10. [quote name='Cuzzie' timestamp='1507997437' post='3389259'] With reference to the second post from the OP, if you like the Dorje/Karnivool spins which is that thinner driven fizzy bass, just replicate the tools you know others use, and you will be happy [/quote] Great in theory, but in practice I did just that, swapping a bass I was practically in love with (never had that before, just saw them al merely as tools for a job) for a Warwick Thumb 5, and it still didn't sound like them. I know Dave (Toska) personally and know that we have similar playing techniques, so I know it's not just my hands and how I play, it is largely gear related, so I wanted to understand more about why this could be the case, what pickups/ circuitry/ etc lends itself better to what kinds of pedals and go from there. So far, I've heard on many occasions that JJ and PJ configurations are best for distortions, but single P's not so much (generalising a lot, and not obsessing about all the other variables like amp/ woods/ technique/ etc). Why is it that a P bass will distort the way it does, and a Jazz the way it does? And what frequencies and stuff need to be considered to bring out the most in those effects?
  11. Appreciate all the replies so far guys, thank you! So how would one go about setting the EQ to achieve said sounds? Might be a little clearer if I just explain what I am after (only just woke up so the old grey matter is pretty useless right now). My 2 favourite bassists are Jon Stockman from Karnivool and my friend Dave Hollingsworth from Toska/ Dorje. They both predominantly use JJ setups (Stockman with the Warwick Thumb 6 BO, Dave with a custom Chapman model) and active electronics, and they both use those pedals. Dave says that he mostly uses JJ basses as the midrange of them works better for him with the guitars in Toska & Dorje, but from my experiences with jazz basses, they don't have the balls of a P bass, which I do like in single guitar band mixes, but less so in dual guitar mixes (which I think the JJ configuration handles better and it's not so "big" sounding). I have my eyes on both a Japanese 80's P bass with SD 1/4lbs pickups, and a Squier VM jazz bass (which currently has USA standard Fender pickups but which I may swap out for Nordstrand blades), both with maple fretboards as I've noticed they tend to punch/ bite a little more. I'm basically trying to get close to those sounds without having to shell out for an active bass as I tend to dick about with the knobs too much when I have that option, whereas I'd rather get a sound I like on the B7K Ultra and then stick with that, where I can just focus on playing. I'm basically trying to decide between which of the basses is most likely to work with the effects I use, as I am in the market for a new bass anyway (I'll later be using reverbs/ delays more and I know the bassist from Mars Volta uses J configurations in his basses because, to his ears, they tend to work better with those pickups rather than Jazz pickups). I also know that things are largely going to be down to opinion/ tastes/ a countless number of variables, but I'm trying to get an overall view (where possible) to get a better understanding of how all of these things fit together and why. If you want to check out the sound I currently have, look up ICHIRO - For You on Spotify. Feedback is also very welcome!
  12. Sorry if this has already been asked here! I've just recently thrown myself headfirst into the world of bass effects, with some very tasty results. However, having watched a ton of YouTube videos and hearing how different pickups affect effects, I've been wondering if there are any pickup archetypes that work better with certain effects that others (e.g., JJ pickups with bass distortion, etc). Are active or passive setups better (why?) Would either a P bass or Jazz bass (as those tend to be the main 2 variants of bass used these days) generally be better suited to effects that it's counterpart? Lots of questions, I realise, but how different pickup configurations affect effects is new territory to me and I want to understand as much as I can about it (largely because I am in the market for a jazz bass and am wondering if it'll work better with my Darkglass Alpha Omega & B7K Ultra than my P bass)
  13. Where are you based? I'm interested in this but would want to try it out first, obviously!
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