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  1. Is this version different from the original album version? I have that if any good.
  2. Some interesting songs on there. Soloing tracks lets you hear things that you initially didn't know existed. Unfortunately no Zep or Dan though.
  3. Cheers NoirBass. Official Videoc[url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bihoNRc8GDQ&list=RDbihoNRc8GDQ"]https://www.youtube....t=RDbihoNRc8GDQ[/url] Live on TFI [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AMU3fSryG0"]https://www.youtube....h?v=5AMU3fSryG0[/url] . . .
  4. [size=5]Was happily downloading isolated bass tracks from utube and fell across[/size] [size=5][url="http://isolatedtracks.is-great.net/?ckattempt=1"]http://isolatedtrack...et/?ckattempt=1[/url] [/size] [size=5]Loads of full tracks mostly from the ones used on [color=#333333]Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Band Hero. All tracks are downloaded as .RAR files which after extraction can be played in Audacity where where you can mute/solo the individual tracks. And best of all they are free.[/color][/size]
  5. With Chris Evans In mind I have just transcribed Reefs - Place Your Hands (It's Your Letters) unfortunately I have no more space on BC to post, if anyone would like a copy I will email with the understanding you post on here for all to see.
  6. Another tune we will be hearing a lot now that TFI Friday is back on our screens. Great tune even though almost a direct rip off from Zep's Four Sticks. [attachment=203007:The Riverboat Song.pdf] Live On TFI Friday [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPJu_wEfs4w"]https://www.youtube....h?v=VPJu_wEfs4w[/url] . . .
  7. After the welcome return of TFI yesterday evening and seeing U2 perform Vertigo I thought I would share Adam Clayton's bass line with my fellow BCer's. [attachment=202934:Vertigo.pdf]
  8. Further to the Let It Go post here is the actual bass line. Only bars to look at are really 59 -60 the rest is straight forward reading. I was recently working on a cruise ship and was handed the chart to play, with no chance to look at it. However having 50 bars rest to scan it to see that bars 59 and 60 was best played in the 5th position. [attachment=202730:Let It Go.pdf]
  9. This is John Mayer's debut single release from the album Room For Squares. Not Pino on bass but David LaBruyere. Great tune to play. [attachment=202725:No Such Thing.pdf]
  10. Pino's line on Don Henley's New York Minute [attachment=202456:New York Minute.pdf]
  11. [quote name='bagsieblue' timestamp='1442432888' post='2866983'] Thank you - will have a play through this right now!! [/quote] [size=4]Cheers, let me know what you think. At present working out "House of Fun" and "It Must Be Love", why? because I can and there fun to play. I must admit [color=#6A6A6A][font=arial, sans-serif][b] Mark Bedford[/b][/font][/color][color=#545454][font=arial, sans-serif] (Bedders) is a great player.[/font][/color][/size]
  12. Spent the past 16 years working on cruise ships playing just about every genre their is. Click friendly, Show tunes, Ballroom and beyond. Now decided to throw away my life jacket to spend more time with my family. Looking for a working covers band in the Hereford area. Good gear and transport. Able to commit to 2/3 nights a week. I am a huge Zeppelin and Dan fan but happy to play any style except country and Heavy Metal. [url="http://bassguitarist.me.uk/"]http://bassguitarist.me.uk/[/url] plus [url="http://www.gigall.co.uk/TheBeavers/"]http://www.gigall.co.uk/TheBeavers/[/url] Ron
  13. A bit of mid week Madness. Enjoy [attachment=200808:Our House.pdf]
  14. Just downloaded your list of transcriptions. Wonderful, worth every penny. Many Thanks
  15. So, where are you situated?
  16. Amazing. Cheers Beedster look forward to hearing from you.
  17. Anyone have a copy of Classic Led Zeppelin I & II Authentic BASS-TAB Edition printed by Warner Bros. I have the III & IV version which to my ears is spot on. Been trying to track down the above to see how good a job they have made but with no success. If anyone has a copy they are willing to sell or maybe email me a page or two of The Lemon Song so I can see what I make of it. Cheers
  18. Chuck Rainey's laid back bass line from Steely Dan's FM. A great example of how a few notes can go a long way. [attachment=176109:Steely Dan - FM.pdf] Don't forget to change the file extension to .pdf
  19. I want a singer who knows when to come in on time. We can all dream.
  20. [b] [size=4]"Bass Lines move pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it." [/size][/b]
  21. On first hearing The Lemon Song I decided to take up the bass not even knowing what the bass was. It still makes me smile and I hope I have done it justice. As my playing has progressed over the years my transcription has gradually been tweaked as I have have become more understanding of JPJ's style. To that end end I am pretty sure if an isolated track became available you would hear string slaps on the down beats similar to The Ramble On isolated track.
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