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  1. Dougie Thomson's bass line on Bloody Well Right by Supertramp. For educational purposes only. Bloody Well Right.mp4
  2. Dougie Thomson's bass line on Even In The Quietest Moments by Supertramp. For educational purposes only. Even In The Quietest Moments.mp4
  3. Dougie Thomson's bass line on Dreamer by Supertramp. For educational purposes only. Dreamer.mp4
  4. Dougie Thomson's bass line on Breakfast In America by Supertramp. For educational purposes only. Breakfast In America.mp4
  5. Dougie Thomson's bass line on Give A Little Bit by Supertramp. For educational purposes only. Rather than count the 22 bars rest, there is a drum pick up in bar 23 just before bass comes in. Give A Little Bit.mp4
  6. Not a big fan of anyone playing along to a tune. Chaka used Anthony Jackson on several recordings, sounds like him to me.
  7. It just so happens. Room 335 bass.pdf
  8. Cheers Chris, to be honest the fills I found the most difficult but on hard listening I found them simpler than what I initially thought. I slowed them down, tuned them up an octave, plus eque. Having said that, I would be more than happy to go with yours.
  9. I suspected it may have been but wasn't 100% sure.
  10. Cheers for the info. I did find it hard picking out some of the notes. I read the Gary Stevenson article fascinating read. Many thanks for the link.
  11. Very possible it was detuned but as bass tool pointed out the part was originally played on a synth. Black notes are easier to pick out on a keyboard.
  12. My transcription of the 1985 hit by Go West - We Close Our Eyes. Both the singer and Pino play Bass on the album this came from. It's played on a 5 string but I don't recall seeing Pino playing one. Not the easiest of keys to play in, so don't let the E sharp trip you up. I find the easiest way is to play the verse in the 3rd position and the chorus in the 1st, a finger per fret of course. We Close Our Eyes.pdf
  13. Is it a British thing or are we unable to give a simple thumbs up or a quick thanks to the guys who spend a lot of time and effort to post there hard work of there transcriptions here on BC. For me these transcriptions are a main source for my going forward as a bass player. Not only that several of these guys go the time and trouble of maintaining a website which believe me is no mean effort. To date I see that ChrisDev has had 25,880 views and a mere 201 replies to his post and TKenrick a 10,381 views and a total of 71 messages. There are many other contributors which show the same story. Ron. (I wish I had more feedback, good or bad)
  14. I play both a 34" scale Musicman 4 string Stingray and a headless 32" 5 string headless Status bass. I could play Green Onions all day on the Status (Green Onions is a 4 finger stretch) but on the Stingray after about 30 bars my left hand begins to cramp up. (I have told the wife for years small is best). I recall reading somewhere (so don't quote me) that Paul McCartney's violin bass was a 30" scale. And watching videos of Chris Squire (again don't quote me on this) always looked as though he was playing a far shorter scale bass Rik than the one I owned. A shorter scale bass with the right strings will sound no different. I would highly recommend a Status though, a graphite neck wonderful.
  15. My transcription of The Police Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.pdf
  16. My transcription of Nik Kershaw's I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. I Wont Let The Sun Go Down On Me.pdf
  17. Start with second finger on the 5th fret of E., then Fourth finger on the 7th fret of E. Then First finger on 4th fret of A., then second finger on 5th fret of A, then fourth finger on 7th fret of A. Then first finger on the 4th fret of D, then second finger on the 5th fret of D and finally fourth finger on the 7th fret of D. Repeat. Move up 2 frets and play the same fingering. Also repeat. Now move up one fret and play the same fingering again Repeat. Finally start the last run again but this time when you move up to the D string play first finger then second finger as before and finish by playing next fret up (the 9th fret) with your third finger and continue up to the 10th fret with your fourth finger. However you may wish to compare this TAB, pages 4/5 https://www.guitar.ch/tabs-pdf/tabs.php?pdf=LedZeppelin/ImmigrantSong which to my ears sounds better.
  18. Donald Fagens Morph The Cat from the album of the same name Morph The Cat.pdf
  19. Track from Donald Fagens Album Morph The Cat with Freddy Washington On Bass. Security Joan pdf.pdf
  20. Another track from Fagen's solo album. However Walter Becker has bass and guitar duties. This is a first for me, a drop Bb tuning. The dotted quavers in the phrase played during the verse are often played muted. Tomorrows Girls.pdf
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