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  1. That would be sad if its all over for them
  2. Theres very good things being said about the Ashdown EVO Rootmaster heads.... The 500 watt version would be in budget and i think all Ashdowns come with a 5 year warranty these days too which is a bonus
  3. [quote name='Al Krow' timestamp='1507148873' post='3383661'] Yes, but for a true DG product don't you also need to add copious amounts of snake oil? Or at least that's what I understood from my youngers and betters above?! [/quote] Lol, bottles and bottles of it I would say
  4. I must be missing something? £1300 for a ply box with off the shelf Eminence drivers? and 38KG?? Seems very odd to me
  5. I had a good look at the New Rootmaster cabs the other day in my local PMT and first off they look great but I couldn't get over how light the new 210 and 115 cabs are but also stunning quality and love the new bar handle design too. Very nicely priced too considering horn with 3 way switch and speakon/Jack combi connectors aswell. Well done Ashdown, I will be buying 2 x 210s I reckon
  6. So how many real watts will these be... Or are we talking TC super quasi compressed watts
  7. Killer playing, definitely an inspirational player for me
  8. I'm waiting on my lottery win but as soon as my numbers come up I'm ordering these as to me they're just cool as hell
  9. Damn that's pretty awful - hope you get things sorted quickly. May be time to get rid and start again
  10. [quote name='badboy1984' timestamp='1398758553' post='2437200'] If the BH500 is 250watt head, how many watts is the BH250? lol When I email TC last year when I still had the BH500 they said to me the amp is still 4ohm minimum load but can run 3x BC210 or BC212 and 2x BC410 etc .... They did not tell me the theory behind how their head works with their cab etc. I personally don't think they done anything magical, I think they just put some numbers on the amp/cab to confuse us lol. [/quote] Friend of mine had the BG 250 1x15 combo power tested by a local tech few months back as to him it wasn't holding up at higher volumes. Turns out its because It only actually puts out 75 watts Rms
  11. Havent had chance to try one yet but all this certainly looks good for Ashdown's ABM NEO line, UK built, Marine Ply and Italian Sica NEO drivers.... Well priced for the specs too and light. Looks like Ashdown are now out Markbassing Markbass lol ;-) http://ashdownmusic.com/products/1/Bass-Amplification/13/ABM-NEO/
  12. Popped round to a friends house yesterday for a sunday roast catch up and seemed to learn something that seems very odd. So although I have personally never been a fan of markbass I know some people like the tone and like that they are light and made in Italy. My mate is one of these people and for the last year or two he has been using a Little Mark head into a small MB 2x10 cab which is a nice little/light setup. Anyways he had been struggling volumewise a bit in a new rock orientated covers band he's recently joined and decided to add a second 2x10. Orderded one online all good. except here is the odd bit, he ordered exactly the same cab as he already has the Traveller 210 i think it is, yet when the delivery driver gave him the box he couldnt believe how heavy it was and was sure he had been shipped a combo in error. Alas it said the right thing on the box so he unpacked it and it was the 210 but around 30% heavier than the cab he already had?? Then things got weirder when he noticed the backplate states Designed in Italy Assembled in Indonesia. He was miffed to say the least as it wasnt a cheap cab he had ordered and the markbass site still lists it as made in italy and weighing 15kg... He phoned the shop who phoned the UK distributor who said they had no idea but would check, they phoned him back later to say Markbass has redesigned the cabs to be stronger and therefore weight was added?! he showed me the cabs in his music room and yup new one was decidedly heavier than the old one and i took a pic of the backplate and yup made in indonesia. No problem making offshore but surely end user should get the price benefit too? All seems odd and sneaky. Also if Markbass is heavy whats the point? Anyways just thought I should share with the class... [attachment=152300:MB.JPG]
  13. Ashdown are generally fantastic for after care so give them a shout and I am sure they will help you get things sorted. I think Guy is the main man in the service dept, th number is 01245 441155
  14. Nice, the little CTM looks very sweet. Hankering after the CTM 15 for some Geezer esque riffing too
  15. Ashdown make loads of stuff down in Essex, off the top of my head the following are UK made; BTA 400 & 300 heads CTM 300 head CTM 100 head CL Range of cabs ABM 1000 head ABM 2000 head JJ Burnell head Drophead combos Drophead 200 head Think that's the current UK offering obviously lots of past stuff with UK made. To chip in on reliability the only issue I've had with my Klystron head was the VU meter bulb going, I phoned Ashdown to buy a replacement and they sent me one for free the next day, can't Beat that really. With a 5 year warranty on stuff now and a service dept that consists of one person who works 3 days a week I would say Ashdown's Reliability is actually far better than sme people on here would believe.
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