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  1. I have the 500. It’s a huge sounding beast, really versatile EQ, and the compressor (sort-of-gain/fattener) is an absolute gem. Cuts though the mix like a knife through butter, and snarls without being fuzzy. If I was replacing it, I’d go for the 300 version as the 500 is silly loud - don’t think I’ve had it past the second notch on the dial! Studio recording using a four stroke here (was mic-ed up with about 20% blend from the DI in the mix, and nothing else added).
  2. For those looking at both... the 4 Stroke has a really fab growl which increases with the compression, but it doesn't do full-on fuzzy. Sounds (to me) rather like a value amp with the gain set just as it starts to bite, plus a very strong eq. I like it a lot. Studio recording with mic-ed up 4 Stroke here.
  3. Got a live-in case for mine too ...
  4. Dunno if its a class A vs D thing but FWIW.....I spent a band rehearsal switching between a GK Fusion 800 and the Orange 4 Stroke 500 - I have two identical 210 cabs, so it was a straight test side by side. With a fair bit of EQ faffing, I could get the Fusion (either with or without the tube pre engaged) to sound almost identical to the Orange. But cranked up to full-on band levels (with the same EQ settings intact, vol to match the drums) the Orange walks it. Its really ballsy and assertive. That said, I won't have any qualms about using the Fusion when there's lots of stairs involved, it sounded good too. To be fair :-)
  5. Ah yes that rings a bell. When I ordered mine Mark @ Ashdown told me that I'd just nipped in before the price of neodymium was expected to increase. I didn't realise they'd stop making them altogether tho. Shame as they're bloody good cabs.
  6. I gig mine all the time (2 x 210) - they're fab. They're clearer, louder, punchier than my ABM 410 - and significantly easier to carry. Not sure why Ashdown stopped making them? I seem to remember someone getting a custom ABM Neo 410 a few years ago.
  7. Ah, can’t have been the amp then. Maybe the plectrum? Normally I’d have have used an ABM, but mine was out for repair. In the studio I honestly couldn’t choose between the 4 stroke and a Ashdown CTM - they both had a very similar sound despite being utterly different amps. I went with the Orange because it was new!
  8. Needn’t have been tentative; 9/10 album review in Vive La Rock. All down to the Orange no doubt lol
  9. [quote name='Raggy' timestamp='1508146146' post='3389995'] I liked that, (the tone and playing/song, cheers). I've been torn between one of these and the GK Fusion 550. [/quote] thanks! Coincidentally I've just landed a GK Fusion 800 as a BC swap, so have both - but I've only used the GK in rehearsal once, and haven't quite got to grips with it enough to make a fair comparison. First impression: I think the Orange wins in terms of overall authority and brute force, but the Fusion is likeable also! I'll try to AB sometime over the next few weeks.
  10. A fleeting resurrection of this thread to (tentatively!) post some studio recordings, for anyone who might be interested (Yamaha 2024 bass via mic-ed up Orange 4 Stroke). Don't judge my haphazard playing lol - its only so you can hear the amp in a recorded / band setting, as I don't think there are many examples around. [url="https://bonesparkrider.bandcamp.com/album/there-but-for-the-grace-of-god"]https://bonesparkrider.bandcamp.com/album/there-but-for-the-grace-of-god [/url] [attachment=255502:IMG_3811.jpg]
  11. Now traded on here. Thanks for looking.
  12. [quote name='Tonci' timestamp='1506027856' post='3376055'] Still on sale? [/quote] Yes still for sale
  13. [quote name='2elliot' timestamp='1501174036' post='3343106'] That is interesting. I take it the 4 stroke is a lot more versatile when it comes to altering the tone. [/quote] Yes very much so. The 4 stroke doesn't do crazy overdrive like the CTM but sounds very similar at moderate volumes (and the EQ is much stronger). The CTM feels a little "wider" when cranked, but the Orange cuts through more (and has stupid amounts of volume) so horses for courses really.
  14. Yeah the buttons are the best bit about the CTM EQ - the knobs do bugger all really....but the overdrive is amazing tho, if you like that sort of thing. I don't have a use for that in a band situation unfortunately (prefer a mostly clean sound with just a touch of drive), but its a lot of fun to crank the gain up when the guitars get too showy waahhahaha.
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