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  1. Just bought a Modulus Flea to Dan, and this transaction was very friendly. Total confidence ! Merci mon ami !
  2. Well... Genseric asked me for mine this morning... Don't want to sell it too. Please, ship your Flea to this guy man !


    I don't think it was me, but this mate was right, there's also Barto's without the logo. I bought a FB5 at Bassdirect who was all barto's . And no logo on. A french bassist well known at "Onlybass" (French bass forum) had a Flea too with Barto PU without logo. It seems to be a certain anarchy with Fleas PU...


    Anyway, there's some Barto PU for Modulus without the engraved name. I once had a Flea with Barto PU without the name.
  5. Great basses and killer sound ! I'm in love with a BB3000 MA...
  6. I once hade a Funk Unlimited 5 all Bartolini. No marking on the pickup...

    Modulus sold

    Thank you ! Must think about it...

    Modulus sold

    Thanks. The OBP-1 is amazing on this bass. About the PU, never seen the Modulus logo on, but it could a Bartolini (i got the same without Bartolini engraved), or maybe a Seymour Duncan... Anyway, very good price ! Shipping everywhere ?

    Modulus sold

    Can you tell me what PU and electronics is on board ?
  10. Hi ! Do you mean the electronic issue (jack...) is repaired ?
  11. I'm based in France and can ship this lightweight bass everywhere...
  12. Hi here ! Try to trade NOW FOR SALE my Fender Precision 1974 My bass is 100 % original (except the 2 ashtrays), and in very good condition. No issues, bass working well, electronic, neck, frets are ok. Just a little piece of pickguard is broken. Warm sound, plenty of growl. Neck signed TORRES. Weight : 3,8 kg !! All parts dated 1974 but the neck plate date my bass from 1975. So it is an early 75. One of the first i guess. 70's case but not sure it is the orginal Fender. All pics in demand. Partial trade welcome but i need lot of money in the deal. I'm asking 2160 pounds and i can ship it everywhere (ask me for the shipping price to your country). Thanks for looking.
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