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  1. joncaulfield72

    Cardiff Bass Tuition

    First Lesson Free
  2. joncaulfield72

    Cardiff Bass Tuition

    Thank you for all the support it is very much appreciated.
  3. joncaulfield72

    Hello from South Wales

    Welcome from a Cardiff Bassist
  4. joncaulfield72

    Playing During Skype Session

    [url="http://www.cardiffbasstuition.com/Bass-Lessons-Cardiff.html"]http://www.cardiffba...ns-Cardiff.html[/url] Hi Ashweb, How did the skype lesson work for you ? Cheers, Jon
  5. joncaulfield72

    Cardiff Bass Tuition

    [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Thank you very much for all the positive feedback[/font][/color] http://cardiffbasstuition.com/Jon-Caulfield.html
  6. Hi Geoff90guitar, Is this Trace pre-Gibson ? Cheers, Jon
  7. joncaulfield72

    Bass Tutor wanted - Swansea

    I'd recommend Jon Caulfield..HaHa.. Hi Rikki1984 give me a call 07812049666 Maybe have a longer lesson less frequent to cut on travel time ? Cheers, Jon
  8. Hi it's me again, or £125 and we meet half way say Monmouth or £115 and I can drive to you for collection ? Cheers again, Jon
  9. if you are near Cardiff anytime soon ? I'll take the amp
  10. joncaulfield72

    Hartke XL Series 2x10 cab. Sold Pending

    Hi Mike, Hope all is good ? if you visit Wales anytime soon I'll take the Cab.
  11. joncaulfield72


    bump for a great Bass.