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  1. Thanks. Yeah it's easy enough to get some replacement ones if you want to. Cabs have been sold now, so it's just the head remaining. Dan
  2. TC RH750 – Few scuffs and the usual broken knobs that you get with these Heads (I’ve never bothered replacing them as they break within a few weeks anyway). All working brilliant though, I’ve used this as my only gigging amp for the last 8 + years. This also comes with the TC electronic case/bag. This has seen better days, but it still does the job. (I’ve also got a flightcase for the head that I had made, if you're interested in this also, let me know and we can sort something out.) £300 for the head Cabs that were also for sale have been sold now. Based in Cardiff and currently only looking at a local sale. Have put plenty of pics in the below link. https://ibb.co/album/YRB3V6 Thanks Dan
  3. Hi Guys As per the title, I've got a set of Dunlop Stainless Steel 45-105 super brights to move on. They're brand new and unopened. £15 incl UK delivery. Thanks Dan
  4. Sold some strings to Mark. As mentioned by everyone above, a thoroughly tidy bloke to deal with. Payment was instant. Cheers Dan
  5. Hi Guys As per the title, got 3 of these unopened that I no longer need. £10 for all 3 including postage in the UK Cheers Dan
  6. Hi Guys Going through my gig bags I found these. Never used, but clearly purchased a good few years ago as the packaging has suffered some cosmetic damage! I was planning on trying them out but settled on Dunlop super brights, so these have only ever been kept in the case as a spare. I think these are selling for £30+ now, so £20 including UK postage sounds fair to me. Thanks Dan
  7. Hi Guys Selling my Fender Rumble 25 watt practise amp that I haven't used in over 5 years! All working, just no need for it anymore. This is I believe the original version of the rumble series, a quick google shows me that the 'rumble 25' looks a lot different now as it's on version 3. Bit dusty as it's been sitting there looking pretty for ages. Perfect for playing in the house, and low level rehearsals. Would suit someone local (I'm in Cardiff) as I don't think it's worth posting it for the sale price. Cheers Dan
  8. Hi Guys Moving this on now as I haven't used it for years due to having a looper on my Fractal AX8. This has been discontinued for quite a while now! few little dings (nothing major), have tried to make the pictures show any little bits. Does NOT come with a power supply. £60 including postage in the UK. Thanks Dan I
  9. Hi Guys As the title says I've got these strings for sale! They have all never been used, they've been in gig bags as backup for a while which is why the package might look a little 'worn'. £5 each including the delivery or all 4 for £15 including delivery. Cheers Dan
  10. Hi Guys This books been hanging around my house for years, no idea when or how I got it to be honest! There's one or two marks/stains from it just hanging around so long I think, nothing wrong with the contents etc, have tried to picture any issues for you. See the link here for what the book contains https://www.amazon.co.uk/Serious-Electric-Bass-Complete-Contemporary/dp/1576238830 Happy to sell for £10 including the UK postage. Thanks Dan
  11. Sold a bass pod to Pete. Great communication and quick payment, very easy to deal with!
  12. Hi Guy's Line 6 pod XT live that I bought from here about 4/5 years ago. It's just been gathering dust for the last 2 years since I got my Fractal AX8. I've wiped all the dust away that I could (blokes clean), it's a little dirty from just being unused and not covered up for so long. I've checked it all over and all seems to be working fine. It's quite a heavy thing so it isn't particularly cheap to post. But I'm happy to sell for £60 and that would include postage to you in the UK. Thanks Dan
  13. Hi Guys I've got this older Dunlop DVP-1 volume pedal (purchased around 2013/14 I believe). It's had some touring so has a few minor scuffs, but is all working fine. It's a heavy pedal, so the postage will end up costing around £10/£11 I believe. i've included that cost in the sale price though. Cheers Dan
  14. Hi all i've got these that have come from a standard USA fender GUITAR. Will do £25 incl the UK postage. (Pics below) Cheers Dan
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