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  1. Rotosound SBL 130 never used D'addario B string guage 130 from an EPS170-5 pack Never used free to anyone who wants them - obviously just pay the postage. Cheers Dan
  2. Hi guys Selling these unopened pack of roto bass RB50 nicel on steel roundwound. Gauges 50 - 70 - 90 - 110 £10 including the UK postage.. Thanks Dan
  3. dannelson

    obbm's feedback

    Bought loads of cables from Dave over the years. XLR'S, instrument cables, TRS cables etc. All still working and going strong. To be honest I wont even consider any other brand for cables anymore.
  4. Hi Guys I no longer need this pedaltrain 2. It doesn't have a case as I use the case for something different now. £40 includes UK postage. Bought in around 2012/13 I believe and have previously had the voodo labs pedal power 2 installed beneath (thus the extra screw holes you see). Cheers Dan
  5. This is only 8 weeks old, used sparingly looks brand new! I had it for a bargain price so I just want back what was paid, even though the brand new price on this is around £579!! £325 will include UK postage also. Offers not considered. Thanks, Dan
  6. Bought these by mistake (I wanted the nickel versions). £40 incl postage for both packs. Cheers Dan
  7. No longer need this. Been on my fretless for years and used about once. But i have no need for it so i've just gone back to the original tuning peg. i don't have original box, all the parts photographed are what I took from the bass. Please check the hipshot website etc for an idea on how to put it onto your bass. £45 including postage in the UK.
  8. bought a darkglass bk3 pedal from Jonno. No problems, packed excellently and arrived exactly when he told me it would 😀 very happy.
  9. bought a darkglass pedal from Laurence, easy to deal with and it was sent very quickly. Would have no problem dealing with Laurence again.
  10. Hi Guys, I’ve got x2 ‘2.5m 8-way looms XLR(M) - XLR (F)’ Paid £40 for these from studio spares a year ago. I’m selling for £20 including UK postage. If you wanted just one, please PM and we’ll arrange something. https://ibb.co/c4ZaaJ https://ibb.co/kPZaaJ https://ibb.co/nzrz2y https://ibb.co/dRjxpd https://ibb.co/eObSpd PM if interested. Cheers Dan
  11. (Mods, the combined total of these items is less than £50) Hi All, I’m selling some patch cables as I now use a completely digital system and have no use for these. These are all great quality and were put together by the guy who makes cables at PMT Bristol (I can’t remember his name though!). They are all neutrik connectors and a mix of right-angle and straight jacks. Please see below for a list of what I have available and their prices. We will arrange the postage cost depending on the quantity. 1ft Right angle – Straight Jack x3 (£4 £3 each) https://ibb.co/fkkEhx https://ibb.co/ctbWUc 2ft Right angle – Straight Jack x2 (£5 £4 each) https://ibb.co/mnKPhx https://ibb.co/fFmgUc 35.5cm – Straight Jack – Straight Jack x 1 (£4 £3) https://ibb.co/hR7kNx https://ibb.co/jpN8aH Will sell all the remaining cables listed above as a bundle for £20 including UK postage (otherwise it's the prices stated above + postage). Thanks Dan
  12. Hi Guy's Just wondering if anyone would be interested in these? They were on my bass for literally 2 minutes (cut for a fender precision). I actually cut the D string a little short (pictured as best as I can) by accident, it still works and sounds great, I'd normally be able to wrap it around the pole 2/3 times but the d-string will only get 1 wrap. As i said there's no problem with that, but I want you to be aware of that before buying. £10 including UK postage, they are virtually brand new but have been cut for a fender precision. Cheers Dan
  13. Sorry guys they've already sold (only been listed for 30 mins!). Cheers all Dan
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