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  1. amazing price - gorgeous basses and I'd have been straight on it if I stlill played long-scale
  2. this looks lovely - very surprised this hasn't gone - Yamaha make some of the finest workhorse basses in my opinion
  3. lozbass


    really good price!
  4. bass part ok but otherwise a bit naff really - bass part/sound makes it for me. Can't complain though - some of the crap i've played/written...read somewhere the bass part was played on keyboards (but I'm frequently mistaken)
  5. very nice - what kind of condition is this in - any dents, dings, scratches etc?
  6. I sold one of these a couple of weeks ago (well, a 5 in the non MX configuration). Every bit the equal of super-expensive bespoke builds. Don't be fooled by the (relatively) modest price - some of the best basses ever built with mind- blowing attention to detail.
  7. Just wow! Beautiful and from one of the finest members of our community. This should go fast!
  8. I've used all the bags in the OP except the Sadowsky (and fairly extensively). They all do a decent job. iGiG very bulky and comfort/weight not great - but strong and protective. Mono 80 ok but rides high. Vertigo is slender and lacks versatility - great for Ps. Fusion F1 is light and protective - comfortable (the only bag I have at the moment). Contego - feels a bit heavy but very protective. I'd say Contego or F1 overall.
  9. Back up with a price reduction - probably quite a silly price for one of these (cheapest I've seen by a long way!)
  10. Pete, Rayman, thanks very much indeed - much appreciated. I've answered PMs and my apologies - I failed to state in my original post (now amended) that I'm not looking for trades. Some gorgeous basses on offer but I'm divesting my standard-scales and 5s. Unless it's an exotic and extremely classy short-scale (31" or less), I'm afraid that a trade isn't on the horizon. Just to repeat, I can ship to UK and Europe if necessary (though collection or handover would be preferred).
  11. Thanks for all the very positive comments, and PMs now answered. I honestly can't comment on the 425X as I haven't had a chance to play one - I'm sure they're lovely basses but as suggested, I think the differences are discussed in other threads. All I can say is that this BB2025 is on a par with the very highest-end of the boutique market: really remarkable and distinctive. I can be in Manchester and the North West in the next day or two if that helps with handover at all
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