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  1. Finally finished lol short iPhone voice memo recording ... bass & synth pneuma.m4a
  2. SOLD - Source Audio C4 synth pedal in great condition .. original box, psu & cable included ... pics to follow but here’s listing I bought it from (hope you don’t mind) & slight price increase to have it posted Royal Mail special delivery ... guess that’s one more (last) itch I’ve scratched, fab pedal just not for me.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. No not custom .. I asked about the m:D2 & Max said it was superseded with a newer version, this m:D3 which I believe is standard. As I wanted separate amp & DI level & a HPF this ticked those boxes .. runs off 9v (even a battery but not sure how long) think voltage might be internally boosted ... takes less 200mA or so
  5. I’ve searched for a long time for the same ... tried boost pedals & tho they do kinda work they either added too much noise or weren’t ‘balanced’ or didn’t give ‘line level‘ or impedance mismatch, I’m no expert on this stuff, read up loads on TB especially So, bit the bullet & just decided to splash out on the real thing .. really happy except I now want to get a better power amp to match the quality of this preamp lol sfx m:D3
  6. Couple of pedals added .. open to offers .. price includes postage btw
  7. LMB3 kick off again so back up FS lol
  8. LMB3 has sneakily made its way back on my board to keep my oscillating delay in check lol .. so kinda withdrawn for now ...
  9. Will do a deal with my Bagend 212 cab ...
  10. I’ve got one of these my favourite Delay so far ...
  11. No not custom, just new version I believe .... XLR out with separate vol/gain / ground lift TRS/TS out with separate vol/gain / ground lift Phase reverse switch in case of phasing issue with two power amp and parallel thru OUT and newer Thumpinator and input impedance selector switch and can work off a 9v battery @200mA (nice as a backup) also 9v parallel out
  12. - Boss LMB3 £50 - SOLD - TC Spark Booster - SOLD - Boss LS2 £50 - Marshall rf1 reflector reverb £30 https://marshall.com/marshall-amps/products/pedals/rf-1-reflector
  13. I just tested a Thumpinator HPF in my new sfxsound m:D3 preamp (has a switch to engage) .. it definitely makes a difference !
  14. Just did a trade with Gilles .. no probs, good comms. Deal with confidence guys
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Amended above post to now include the extra 110 cab .. temporary offer
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