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  1. Yes, MARUSZCZYK are great looking basses and that's something special ❤️
  2. Looks great! And I do like the pickup covers 😮
  3. Oof, a lot of bass for the money!
  4. How did you manage to get it for 484!
  5. How did you get on with your latest Bax purchase?
  6. Lovely jubbly! Not a fan of maple fretboards usually, but the light wood really works with the rest of the colours
  7. You're kidding aren't you? I've got worse 🤣
  8. Bargain - these are a great player's bass - original Korean one too - best build
  9. I have a calling to the drums too. Think there is a closeness between the bass and drums that attracts us to both. But I do just like drum rhythms. If I could go back I wish I'd learnt the bass much longer - only really went over to it in my 40's, after many years on 6 string guitar. I've also dabbled in E-Drums over the years
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