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  1. Lovely! If there is a critcism I have with my Aerodyne (same neck as this) , it's the sharp angel on the upper body that makes playing a little uncomfortable - not so on this Jazz body! Is the body a MIM btw?
  2. for completeness have you a picture of the back of this lovely bass?
  3. [quote name='Kirky' timestamp='1509182566' post='3397152'] Cash on collection....but where are you based? Sorry if I've missed it. [/quote] Yorkshire I think
  4. SOLD - REDUCED - Bitsa Jazz ( NOT A FENDER )

    [quote name='aidanhallbass' timestamp='1508499628' post='3392602'] Hi, very interested in this, where are you based please? [/quote] Coventry it says
  5. SOLD: Shadow Cable Pre-Amp

    thanks PMed you
  6. SOLD: Shadow Cable Pre-Amp

    and did it sell?!
  7. Do the Celtic dot markers hide the original dot markers or were there no original dot markers? Just a thought
  8. Yes, very lovely What is the weight of this please - am I right that it's an Alder body?
  9. NOW SOLD - ACG P-Type 4-string

    [quote name='StevieE' timestamp='1504370128' post='3364452'] Whereabouts are you mate? The mobile version of BC doesn't show it (that i can see?) Cheers [/quote]# Chorley, Lancs it says
  10. Sandberg Electra VS4

    Band members starting families. Pah where's the commitment! Lovely bass GLWTS