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  1. Hnz

    Lean back...

    Put one of these ... under or on the backside of your cab - dependent on what angle you need. When playing screw in a piece of this)* ... and tilt your cab. Job done. )* Length to be measured according to the required angle
  2. I got a great deal from Niels (Maut) for a Fender PJ Mustang bass. Not a spot on it - practically new! The deal went swift and smooth; I transferred the money and Niels provided me with the GLS T&T Code so I could track the parcel. My inexperience with this kind of trading caused me to ask Niels many questions that he answered prompt and without getting annoyed 😉 When it came in, the bass was well packed and in perfect condition. Thanks Niels for a perfect deal!
  3. Hi Maut, I'm interested in your bass. Do you ship to the Netherlands?
  4. Hi, it's Hans here from the Netherlands. I bought a GK MB500 amp from Ralph. Ralph agreed to send it to my friend in Bristol UK, since he did not like to send it out of the UK. In the end though, Ralph actually did send it directly to me here in the Netherlands. As soon as he handed it over to the parcel2go company Ralph send me the T&T number and kept me informed about the process beginning to end. The parcel arrived quite sooner than I expected. It was wrapped sturdy in the original styrofoam interior of the amp and in it's box. Needless to say the amp works brilliantly. Ralph communicated throughout the process of my payment 'till even after the delivery, inquiring if I was happy with my purchase. An example to every other seller here on BC as well as any other forum. Outstanding service!
  5. Hi Bagsieblue, how old is the amp please? It is the first 700 model, isn't it?
  6. Hi Ryan, would you consider shipping to the Netherlands, please?
  7. Hi Mr. GreeneKing, I know I'm a bit late, but do you still own the Godin bass? And if so, is it still up for sale? Thanks very much in advance for your reply. Kind regards, Hans
  8. I now have: '81 Ibanez Roadster 824 '86 Ibanez Roadstar 630 '86 Ibanez Roadstar 650 '83 Ibanez Roadstar RB924 Epiphone Zenith Fretless Amp: Mesa Boogie Walkabout Combo: Gallien Krueger MB112 Cabs: Mesa Boogie Scout 15 Gallien Krueger Neo112 (2x)
  9. Hi, Is your Ibanez still for sale? Cheers, Hans
  10. Hi there Dumelow, Check this and be sure to try those amps out before purchasing: There seem to be quite some significant differences in specifics between the Micro VR vs PF350 and SVT7 pro vs PF500. Micro VR: .............................PF350: Preamp: Solid State ..............Preamp: Solid-state Power Amp: MOSFET .............Power amp: Class D SVT7pro: ..............................PF500: Preamp: Tube ........................Preamp: MOSFET Power amp: Class D ...............Power amp: Class D On top of that the Ampeg site says about the Micro VR that the mid control is an "Ultra Mid". Don't know what they mean about that, but it isn't mentioned in the specs of the PF350. So allthough the controls of the Micro VR and PF350 are similar and the same goes for the SVT7 and the PF500, there appears to be something else happening under their hoods...
  11. Pretty sure. Check the availability. Only Andertons has got the guts to say upfront that is expected on March 31st. Which it probably isn't.
  12. [quote name='dumelow' post='1153971' date='Mar 8 2011, 04:49 PM']I think im leaning more towards the PF350 and MB200, only thing is, the MB200 is gonna fit in the pocket of my bass bag and ill be able to bike around with it, but then the PF350 could always go in a backpack and has a lot more headroom than the MB200, but is also £100 odd more. really wish i could try the two.[/quote] Well, hold your horses then, cause the PF350 won't be in stores before end of April. But it'll probably be worth the wait. Or take a trip to the USofA
  13. [quote name='loweringthetone' post='1136313' date='Feb 21 2011, 10:20 PM']"The best rig ever was a Mesa 400+ with a 2x15. However, I almost slipped a disc carrying the damn things, so I probably have to avoid pure valve amps."[/quote] If the Mesa tube sound is what you like, try the Mesa Walkabout; The most tubish hybrid basshead in the market and weighs just 6 kg. The 350 watts @ 4ohm are the loudest 350 watts I've ever heard. Much louder than f.i. Markbass.
  14. [quote name='wesfinn' post='1150486' date='Mar 5 2011, 01:49 PM']I have had many bass amps over the years from tech soundsystems, Aguilar, markbass, GK and all of them have been great while I've owned them...until I go to a reheasal and end up renting an Ampeg SVT classic and 8x10. The sound of my gear never compares so I end up selling it on but not buying an ampeg due to the sheer size. I've heard that you get get an apeg ish sound from a mesa boogie but havn't been able to get it myself. why cant an svt weigh 4lbs!!!??[/quote] You can get an Ampegish sound from f.i. the Mesa Boogie Walkabout. The most tubish hybrid basshead there is. But it is 'Ampegish' and you have to adjust the eq quite a bit and that is one sensitive eq! If you're after the SVT sound, but not the size and weight, you should definitely try the Micro VR and 210AV cab(s). I own both the Mesa WA and the Micro VR with 2x the 210AV and to my ears the Micro VR wins. For small clubs and bars (pubs?) the volume is more than sufficient. In bigger venues you can hook up to he PA. Due to the vertical stacking of the 210's you're able to hear yourself very well on stage. Very recommendable if you love "the Ampeg sound".
  15. I have the Micro VR and it is a truely great amp with a huge sound. Especially since I run it through 2x the 210AV. BUT: As stated above, the PF350 is supposed to have specs based upon the Micro VR. Only it's smaller and put's out 350 watts @ 4ohm instead of 200 watts for the Micro VR. I'd go for the PF350, but I have not tried the GK. And I guess I never will...
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