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  1. loweringthetone


  2. loweringthetone

    Alleva Coppolo LM4 Deluxe SOLD

    Whats the weight please ?
  3. loweringthetone


    I bought a couple of MBX cabs from Larry. They were immaculate - even had carpet pads on the top to prevent them being scratched by the amp. Larry was also a complete gentleman. He had diverted a considerable distance on his way 'up North' , just to ensure the cabs were delivered safely in my hands. We had great conversation over coffee which was far too short. Great bloke, easy transaction, and with excellent communication throughout. Buy with confidence
  4. loweringthetone

    1972 Fender Precision - £1650 **WITHDRAWN**

    Eeek......Three hours.......a good decision though
  5. loweringthetone

    Bass clocks with new mechanisms

    Wonderful ! Strikes an open G on the hour ?
  6. loweringthetone

    Custom Fender Gold Jazz with Block and Bound P neck

    I don't normally go for custom builds, but in my humble opinion, this is utterly spectacular ! Well done on a beautiful job. GLWTS !
  7. Big THANKS for all the advice. Very useful. Quite a wide variety of views and I think youre right about the apparent 'tigerstripe' being 'crackling' There's a darker colour underneath, but like itsmedunc, I believe they overpainted sunburst for custom colours. The seller has 100% feedback and maybe thinks its genuine. I am, however, staying well clear unless the mood takes me to go look at it. £797 with 4 days to go - guess a clearly genuine one might have attracted more. It will be interesting to see how much it eventually goes for. Thanks again
  8. Never seen one quite like this.......but why do I feel unconvinced ? [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172656696420?ul_noapp=true"]http://www.ebay.co.u...0?ul_noapp=true[/url] Perhaps its the quality screws to hold on the ashtrays Or the apparent tiger striping of the body. Dunno. Maybe Im wrong. After all I'm not an expert......but Id like to know what the experts think. (And if youre the owner, I just happen to be leaving the country now...... )
  9. The MBE-III is simply the head that was used in the MB150E-III microbass combo. GK used to manufacture two very similar combos, the MB150S-III (no chorus) and the MB150E-III (with chorus). They dont seem to make the E -version any more. Both are widely respected by DBass players, and I personally love their tone for older bass guitars, P basses in particular. With the matching 112MBX cabs, I use them all the time for gigs in small/medium venues. In bigger venues they have plenty of options for output into a PA. Full spec in Jack's post above. Hope this helps
  10. Worth saying that I recently traded with Jack, and he's one of the good guys. GLWTS
  11. loweringthetone

    Willcox Lightwave Sabre VL5 REDUCED

    Tempting. What is the weight please ? Im guessing its quite light...
  12. loweringthetone

    Fender Precision - 1969 with a 1982 Fender Fullerton Neck

    [i]Had a word with my uncle Rupert. It's not in his loft. Shall ask uncle Bert to see if he's seen it.[/i] Suspect the original neck may have been snaffled by Auntie Climax .......Boom Boom ! To the top !
  13. loweringthetone

    Yamaha TRB 5P2

    Approx weight, please ?
  14. loweringthetone

    Musicman Stingray 20th Anniversary £1050

    Bump, for Paul 1991, an excellent guy to deal with in my experience. Excellent price for a bass of this quality too.....
  15. loweringthetone

    Feedback for Jack ( Jack )

    Jack bought my GK amp, and he was an absolute delight to deal with. The transaction went easily and smoothly , and his communication was excellent . I also learnt some interesting things about GK amp/speaker combinations ! Great guy, I can heartily recommend.