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  1. loweringthetone

    G&L L2000 USA bass Translucent Forest Green in excellent condition

    Thanks for all the comments folks ! Wondering if I really want to part with it....
  2. loweringthetone

    Feedback for grandad

    A gem of a bloke. Warm, affable, brimming with friendliness and errm .....tolerance....of clots like me, who send him an unnecessary 10 miles up the M1. Sorry ! An easy, no hassle transaction. Excellent communications. Deal with him with confidence.
  3. G&L L2000 bass in excellent condition. Transparent forest green is a USA 'Premier' finish which seems almost impossible to photograph. The colour is a richer deeper green, more intense than the photos show (and any white marks in the photos are light reflections – the bass has no significant marks on the body or neck) Nut width is 44mm. Fulsome rock sounds, meaty, warm and powerful but with plenty of other options. USA made G&Ls are professional quality instruments but they tend to be undervalued on the second hand market. A new USA L2000 will set you back around £1500 (Guitar Guitar), but rather sadly, recent USA L2000s have gone for £600-£700 on Ebay , so this is priced accordingly. Price is inclusive of UK delivery, well packed and in a robust non-original case. Discount for personal pick up from Nottingham or J26/J25 M1 services.
  4. Replacement P or J bass tuners in almost new condition. They fit straight onto a P or J bass neck. They've had minimal use. I mounted them once on a a neck, but replaced them because gold tuners looked better on that particular bass. £15 including postage to UK . PayPal is fine
  5. Revelation jazzmaster guitar RJT60 In pristine condition, with hang tags and protective plastic sheet coverings in place. Revelations have an excellent reputation for build quality and playability, and have Alan Entwistle designed pickups, making them good for starter or intermediate players. This one seems to be no exception : I bought it on the basis of how how good it sounded, and how easily it played. Unfortunately, it was an impulse buy because it's virtually unplayed, it's been hanging on the wall or in the cupboard ever since. It is as new : there's no marks at all, (except on the plastic sheet protecting the scratchplate, which is meant to be removed anyway), just a bit of dust. Web prices seem to be a pretty consistent £229 so I'm offering this up for £150 collected. Local sale is preferred as it has no case, but I would consider posting it, well packed, at cost.
  6. Versatile powered speakers, for use as on-stage personal monitors, or as a pair together as a compact mini-PA. Rated at 150W each. I have two and they're in excellent condition, almost new. I bought them new for a project which never materialised . They come in the original boxes with mains leads and adapters that allow you to easily mount them on a stand. They can be positioned at a height close to your performing and have a range of controls to adjust the sound to your liking. Prices are £75 each, or £140 for the pair. Postage to UK is £8 each, or £15 for the two. I also have two stands which I'd be happy to supply to anyone who buys a speaker and collects it. (Stands are collection only, as it would cost more to post than they are worth.) £
  7. Rather wonderful, good quality gig bag that lets you carry two basses together safely (there's a padded divider between them). Has two front pockets and two long side pockets for other stuff, and a small pocket on the front strap for your mobile. Good clean condition, and all zips and compartments work as they should. £30 which includes shipping to UK destinations
  8. loweringthetone

    American 1977 Fender Precision Bass - Price Drop Now £1375

    Beautiful colour, I might say. Candy apple blue ? GLWTS
  9. loweringthetone

    ** SOLD ** Phil Jones Bass Double Four For Sale - £285

    Worth saying I use a double four regularly as a small session amp, and unlike most PJB stuff Ive tried , it gives a nice old school sound. Its light, portable, and because it's 20v , you can run it off a laptop battery. Hope this is useful.
  10. loweringthetone

    Ibanez Soundgear SR800 bass 1991 (Japan) Jewel Blue £225

    A few offers but still up for grabs. A long shot..... anyone have a spare older GK MBX microbass extension cab to trade ? It's not the most recent version I'm after, its the one with the white flat lettering.
  11. loweringthetone

    SOLD: Phil Jones Double Four (BG75) BARGAIN!

    Perfect weight for strapping on your back to take to a session. Yes a laptop battery works well - just dont get the type that automatically switches off if you dont draw current ! Good for an old school sound.
  12. loweringthetone

    Ibanez Soundgear SR800 bass 1991 (Japan) Jewel Blue £225

    Potential buyer couldn't make it, so it's still up for grabs. To the top !
  13. loweringthetone

    Ibanez Soundgear SR800 bass 1991 (Japan) Jewel Blue £225

    Blimey 6 pages down already. This forum is popular.. To the top !