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  1. Sorry I should have updated this thread. The position is now filled. Thanks Blademan
  2. [quote name='Gust0o' timestamp='1360502661' post='1971280'] Is this still available? [/quote] As I bought it you can have it for double as you seem nice
  3. Everything I own has a gender associated with it. If I like it she's female. If I don't then he is a fatherless piece of junk lol Each to their own
  4. [quote name='Marvin' timestamp='1359142093' post='1950767'] Do you own a PA? [/quote] I do and several microphones but I can't sing (same goes for basses lol)
  5. For £9 is has to be worth a punt. Mine cost £20 from Maplin and is good enough for my needs. I would have rather spent half that
  6. [quote name='chrisba' timestamp='1358772033' post='1944635'] In case you didn't know, Howard Goodall wrote the theme tunes for QI, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Vicar of Dibley and lots of other stuff. [/quote] I didn't, but I do now! Thanks for that. You just named some of my favourite themes (especially Red Dwarf).
  7. [quote name='Dave Vader' timestamp='1358763485' post='1944462'] Use tuner, check with other guys in the band that we're all in tune with each other (old fashioned way, "ere mate, gis an e") then off you go. As to the OP, try playing along with Black Sabbath vol 4,[u][b] I have to twist the pitch control on my turntable[/b][/u] almost ever other song to save constant retuning. Great album though. [/quote] How do you do that with an MP3? {hat and coat in hand ready for the off}
  8. [quote name='Count Bassy' timestamp='1358785016' post='1944930'] Or you could play more quietly? [/quote] I could........? I had to pull the second speaker and turn down! Usually for rehearsal I would use my 50w Orange combo. I just wanted to try the big rig in my studio. First and last time it will be used there by me (I have to give up gigging so it will stay in the studio and only get used by visiting bass players)
  9. [quote name='arthurhenry' timestamp='1358627416' post='1942588'] Turn it to face the speaker. [/quote] Lol my thoughts exactly
  10. I don't NEED anything anymore but I WANT a double bass Can't play one and with my hand as it is, I never will..... I'm still going to get one when I have the necessary dosh in my pocket
  11. I usually only use 250w head with a 2x10 cab. I plugged a 15" cab into the other port for a 'rehearsal' and the chaps asked me to un-plug it It was so loud, I thought the studio would fall down! Edit: I wear ear plugs but no one else in the band does. Perhaps they should
  12. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1358704807' post='1943694'] how odd. are they calibrated to the same frequency? I had a tuner once, can't recall which, a Korg, and it just did not tune right... until I realised that somehow I had it calibrated A=441... all it needed was a couple of taps of a tiny button on the back (one to engage calibration, another to go up to 441... two would have meant 442...) It happened by accident and I was very frustrated by it for a while as I was not tuned right when using it... other than that, every tuner has worked alright for me. Some are more sensitive, some take a while to get a stable reading, but they all worked for me, and my ears are not exactly covered by cloth, before someone suggests that [/quote] I just got them out and checked as it could have been that They all report A=440 (Apart from the one built into my Orange practice amp as that has no other option). They are all slightly different. Two of them are Korg units and one is a cheapy I got from eBay (the forth being the one in the amp).
  13. There is no cure for You can think you are cured, but it will get you in the end......... I can't even gig any more but went out and bought a rig because of GAS
  14. I have four electronic tuners. None of them agree with each other and only one agrees with my ears! They are good in a band situation for silent tuning at a gig. But everyone should tune to the same tuner! As for A=440, as opposed to A=432, I think it's all nonsense
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