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  1. Really sorry but I like to point out than2500 Euro is not 2500 pounds, ,on another what is the width nut and the neck shape, thanks feel free to delete my note I don’t mean to offend thanks
  2. beautiful ,what is the nut width please thanks
  3. Always happy to reasonable offer for this amazing or part exchange any USA fender 60 s precision and prefer Jazz , I’m no longer into active bass , as I mentioned the bass has been set up professionally too thanks
  4. Hello not really sure But it’s light less than4 kg , I don’t have a scale but I can ask my neighbour and let you know by tomorrow.
  5. Any body out there ,I m very open to discuss any options and will listen the demand of trader or buyer: postal offer , drive up to 1 hour from New Malden etc
  6. I wish some sellers read about your information, well as for me they lost me on 2 occasion last weekend , because their wrongful attitudes, i do sell occasionally and never behave such a way , specially if the price is high, buyer are a lot rarer this day so bear that in mind 😊
  7. Hello , Here s my beloved 2004 stingray in natural wood for sale , i will regret this but it might have to have to go ,the bass has been set up professionally with no buzzing and no lost of intonation in any fret , amazing rosewood board neck and sound huge to say the least ,but after years i own it and care for I'm a precision man and into passive bass. the bass is in an amazing condition and with only 1 ding, open to reasonable offer,,or trade in precision vintage or Jazz or custom precision or jazz , preferably rosewood board neck and no sunburst color , please bare with me on my need on trade as I really want to find the right bass in exchange on this beauty , straight swap or cash from m , the bass come with original case ,thanks
  8. J66Bass

    Show us your rig!

    Band rehearsal gear and the second is my man cave which was finished yesterday,still some work need to be done but you get my idea , hope you like it
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Hello For sale a pair of AguilarSL112 speaker in perfect condition as i played them mainly at home around 6hours a week , great sound and super light ,both have cover included , collection from Motspur park SW london or central London , also could drive up to 10 miles. i rather would like to sale them as a pair and perhaps could post ; i willing to pay half of the postage within the uk thank you Jean
  11. The Aladin cave men , 😊
  12. Thanks I have hanged my bass for a while now and never had issue with the neck BUT I can of wanted to know what people think and if you are more likely to cause structural damage to a bass by hanging then instead of rack them in , I’m not talking about me hanging on them LOL Thanks
  13. Thanks I like to know more what people think , I used it for space too but could it damage the bass by wall hanging ?
  14. What do you prefer wall hanging or Floor rack? Thanks
  15. Hello here s a rare in blue aerodyne PRECISION for sale or trade , I’m looking for a trade as the same value either a Fretless preferably with line or with dots that s fine too or a precision Japan or Mexican signature such as Nate Mendel or else , the bass come with a case and a new pair of strings and has a few dings who do not affect the playability at all , the neck is as jazz and the bass weight between 3.2 to 3.4 kg very light, this bass are very light and very well balanced and sound truly amazing , I m could post within the UK , I’m open to offer too with or without the case , old /new strings, thanks
  16. Still on a market after wasting time with a buyer at week end , open to offer and open to trade for a good fretless or precision Nate Mendel with similar price thanks
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