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  1. Fender Precision Plus 1992 US Made Bass This Precision Plus is in excellent condition and comes with original case, manual and tools. It differed from the standard P bass of the era by having Lace Sensor PJ pickups, fine tune heavy duty bridge, extended top horn to help with balance and 22 frets. This was considered the top of the range P bass of the early 90’s, quality is superb. It’s all original with the exception of the tortoiseshell scratchplate which was custom made for the previous owner. It’s a fantastic instrument in excellent condition with only minor blemishes. The neck is straight and the frets in very good condition. Truss rod acts as it ought to, hardware and pickups work perfectly. Only selling as it’s a little heavier than my other basses at 4.5kgs. I’d prefer pickup in person but I will post but only in the UK. The wood grain on the (presumably ash) body is lovely. A very high quality 30 year old bass for not much more than a used roadworn. No trades unless you have a lightweight maple board US Precision.
  2. Another excellent trade with Dunc, swapped my Wilcock for his Sterling, absolutely spot on as ever. Cheers Dunc!
  3. Whoops! Thanks for the heads up Dunc! 😉
  4. This short scale Wilcock bass is a lovely thing. It’s sleek and easy to play, very red and has an incredibly beautiful flamed neck and lots of tones. It also weighs in at 3.4kgs! It comes with a gear4music tweed case and strap locks. It’s a very recent purchase but alas the 30” short scale and ergonomics don’t work for my playing position so I’m offering it up for sale. I’d also be willing to trade for a lightweight US Precision Bass preferably with a maple fingerboard. I’m glad I have tried one of these as the quality and workmanship is fabulous. The Armstrong MM pickup has clarity and punch and the push pull pot gives a surprising array of tones. It’s a classy bass. Pickup preferred but I can post at buyer’s cost U.K. only. The condition is excellent, no dings, faults or marks of any significance and it’s set up with a nice low action.
  5. Yes it looks like a copy to me the headstock proportions are wrong and the body looks ‘squared off’ compared to the Musicman curves. Maybe a custom copy or a modded copy. Approach with caution ⚠️
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185387211101?hash=item2b29f0595d%3Ag%3Ab8sAAOSw3yliHl2b&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  7. Yes they generally sell for the low hundreds. They sound great but are very bulky. This is an early version but the pricing is somewhat optimistic!
  8. Fender American Performer Bass in Lake Placid blue. The bass has been modified with black knobs and bridge and EMG GZR (Geezer Butler) passive pickups. Original knobs and pickup set are not included as I don’t have them. It weighs 4.1kgs and comes with all the original accessories, certificate and gigbag. The bass is in excellent condition. There are some small indents where a larger bridge has been installed but this is merely cosmetic. It has a lovely maple neck and frets and neck are like new. I’m only selling as I have the opportunity to buy one of my first basses back. Last in first out! Please note that this is a U.K. only sale, local pickup preferred but I can post at buyer’s cost if necessary. No trades. Some information from Fender. The American Performer is built using a lightweight Alder body and sturdy Maple neck, cut in a streamlined ‘C’ shape. Players after modern playability combined with classic looks will feel at home on the Performer Precision. Its 9.5” radius Maple fretboard is a standard Fender appointment. Anyone with experience of playing a similar American-made bass or guitar will recognise its gentle curvature in contrast to the retro aesthetic. The 20 jumbo frets make for an effortless playing experience.
  9. Custom made for a Fender American Performer Precision - release your inner Phil Lynott! Still has the protective film on it. Price includes UK postage.
  10. Fender cut very good condition taken from a recent purchase. Price includes UK postage. Sold thanks!
  11. A very nice Hipshot bridge in chrome includes mounting screws and Allen key. UK only post included.
  12. ash

    Dov65 feedback

    I bought a very lovely Fender US Performer Precision from Dave and couldn’t be happier. Great service and communication from our man in Fife. Cheers!
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255449146833?hash=item3b79f4a5d1:g:qhIAAOSwF-JiOac-
  14. The weight varies - I’ve had two, both were heavier and I moved them on as a result. One was 4.5 it had the Badass on it and the second 4.3kgs with the high mass although I’ve heard that there are ones under the 4kgs mark.
  15. Hi what’s the weight on this one please? And the nut width? Thanks
  16. A lovely late 70’s Fender Musicmaster bass in pretty good condition. It’s been around the block having been gigged and well played over the past 40 plus years. It’s got the usual break at the output socket - repaired with a washer, matching serial number under the scratchplate and the pots look to have been replaced but the caps, knobs and wiring is original. It is light and weighs around 3.6 kgs and despite its simple bridge intonates well. I have strung it with D’Addarios 50-105 short scales which means it plays well with a tighter tension and less boomy sound. The original ‘Strat’ pickup is included but I have fitted a custom made ‘Mojo’ pickup designed and wound with the correct pole piece spacing for a four string, this certainly beefs up the tone. The pickup was made to order in the UK and cost a further £73 shipped. All hardware is original with tarnishing to the chrome. Alas the bass has no case so I’d prefer pickup in person if possible or I can ship at buyer’s cost with the neck removed. No trades and I’m afraid UK only.
  17. It’s a wonderful bass to play, the neck is really comfortable and the build quality is top notch. A hand made instrument for the price of a mass produced one, signed by a bass legend!
  18. Classic UK made VA synth,I have owned one for years and it’s a great all rounder.
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294813395788?hash=item44a43f6b4c%3Ag%3ATmMAAOSwjt1iCnA~&LH_ItemCondition=3000 Although it’s obviously not a real one for those in the know look at the bids, the price is more than a genuine Ignition bass!
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