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  1. Powerful, relatively tiny cab in great condition, these aren’t that common but for such a small package push lots of air. 600 watts 8 ohm impedance made in Italy, little use and no recent use, weighs around 15 kgs. 4 x 6” speakers. Free cat hairs! I’m moving house so selling what I don’t regularly use. No trades sorry. Pickup from Lancaster. Comes with good quality Roqsolid cover. Thanks. I can box it and ship with a courier for around £35 but this will be at your risk. U.K. only. http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/new-york-604/
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265299260190?hash=item3dc511731e%3Ag%3ArqIAAOSwa5hhM8cL&LH_ItemCondition=3000 I wonder what atrocities lurk behind the giant scratchplate?
  3. The body looks like a Burns Nu-Sonic, a bass George Harrison used occasionally. There were quite a number of these bodies on eBay and through outlets such as Brandoni. Looks great !
  4. It sold for just over a grand however the seller sent me a message offering me it for £900 as the seller let him down. I will politely decline.
  5. Great basses these like a US made Nate Mendel - what’s the weight of it please?
  6. Another quick and easy sale with Alain for yet another P bass - actually this time a PJ. Arrangements made and kept and a good opportunity for a catch up. Great to see you again! Cheers
  7. As I said it’s just over 4kgs very nice weight for this era
  8. That’s a shame oh well I’m sure you’ve got a great deal. 😊
  9. This is an interesting bitsa bass I built around an old ‘78 US Fender Precision bass body I came across. The intention was to use a Status graphite neck however being a cheap skate I ended up putting an Indonesian Squier maple neck on it that works really well. It has a 70’s Fender decal replacing the Squier logo and a set of Hipshot tuners. It plays very nicely indeed and is currently set up with D’Addario flats. The pickups are a Fender Mexican P Bass taken from a 50s reissue and a US Jazz. It’s wired as a simple two volume, single tone circuit and you can get characteristic P or J sounds from the individual pickups and some nice variations when using both. The body itself was stripped many years ago and an oil finish applied. The ID stamp remain in the neck pocket, the enlarged control cavity has been well shielded. The screw pattern under the scratchplate matches the plate from my 77 Precision and there are no extra screw holes. The tortoiseshell style scratchplate is a reasonable quality replacement and has some extra holes drilled into it. The bridge is the threaded 50’s type that gives you better adjustment for string spacing. It’s top loaded of course. Importantly the body is not a boat-anchor compared to many of this era. The whole instrument weighs in at 4kgs. I’ve used this a lot as it’s a lovely bass to play, the neck is excellent - a surprise to me in fact as I haven’t played a maple Squier neck of this type before. The nut width is slightly less than my 77 P bass and around the same as my JV. I’m not looking for trades. I am open to decent offers as I’m not sure how to price it. Cash on collection would be preferable but I can post within the UK. If anyone wants to buy the body on its own pm me with an offer as someone may have an original ‘78 neck out there. Thanks for looking.
  10. Something has cropped up I really want so for sale is this Fender MIM Roadworn Jazz. There are no structural issues, trussrod works as it ought to and it sounds fantastic with a great action and balance. It weighs 3.9kgs. Comes with Fender gig bag. UK post will be around £25 with basic insurance. No trades sorry. It’s a UK sale only. Currently strung with round wounds but I can put flats on it if required. Now sold elsewhere.
  11. Fantastic little amps these, I have played a few small gigs with one and it will even hold its own against a percussionist.
  12. Have you a picture of the front of the headstock please and do you know the original finish? Thanks
  13. I’ve done three gigs so far and been very careful however despite being double jabbed since March I got tested positive and have been ill with Covid for the last couple of weeks. I’ve not had flu before but guess it’s akin to that. I am no longer officially isolating but continue to experience fatigue and some congestion I also have no sense of smell or taste so I am still being very careful. As others have said it was great playing but as soon as people started drinking the rule book was torn up. I dread to know how I would have felt if I hadn’t been vaccinated so I’d encourage those who haven’t to go and get yourselves jabbed!
  14. I’m so sorry to hear this. I have done many deals with Martin over the years and really liked him. We shared a love of cult TV programmes, Status basses and a revolving door of Markbass gear. He really was a true Basschat character and will be missed. RIP Martin and condolences to your family. MB1 we salute you!
  15. For sale a set of tuners for any Squier or MIM bass - not the reissues though. They also fit on some US Fenders such as the Highway one or US Special series. They come with mounting screws and bushings and are in very good condition. Price is posted in the U.K. only. Thanks!
  16. Great looking bass that at an excellent price GLWTS
  17. ash

    Shug's Feedback Page

    Shug bought some Schaller machine heads off me. A quick and easy deal many thanks!
  18. That’s a great demo of a superb sounding instrument. Pity I’ve no spare cash 😩
  19. I’ve been in touch with the seller, they couldn’t tell me what had happened but it’s definitely had the decal removed and this homemade replacement. I wondered if it was a Musicmaster neck in place of a duff Mustang neck. The scratchplate is also homemade. The headstock does look like it’s been sanded down and reshaped slightly.
  20. Loads of info online about these little modules. Really great value analogue three oscillator mono synth. You can get those huge bass sounds on it and leads and everything in between. It comes boxed and with manual, PSU, euro rack lead and rackmounts. Near new condition, only selling as I use my Odyssey mainly. Price includes postage. U.K. only no trades. Sold elsewhere. Thanks
  21. Initially I thought it was an Aria as it reminded me of one of their more bizarre shapes of the past - The Urchin - however I don’t recall a bass version and when I looked up pics it was a different shape. I think you are right about it being Ibanez in origin.
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