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  1. I think it's the same case for all Epi Tbirds - my daughters bolt-on Epi IV fits the case for my Pro V.
  2. I bought a through-neck by much the same logic. By acccident, I ended up with an Epiphone Thunderbird Pro V, even though I was really after a 4 stringer. And I love it! Although I clearly have wide, and possibly undiscriminating, taste, as I also have a couple of Arias, an EB-3, a Jazz, a Precision, and a fretless Warwick Corvette If you can cope with the name on the headstock, and the shape, the Epi Tbird Pro IV is a marvelously versatile -- although active -- bass. And the fact that are not at all expensive is just a plus; they really don't feel like budget instruments.
  3. Well, if you decide you need to move it on, there's more than me would happily give it a good home!
  4. Scale length is the same, but the neck joins the body at a higher fret, the 19th, rather than the 16th - the bridge is moved to allow for this.
  5. Absolute bargain - I'd be all over this, if I wasn't needing to get rid of basses!
  6. I kinda fancy a red one, to go with my blue one (although it needs a pickup rewind)! And it'd be nice to have a hard case - they're like hen's teeth!
  7. And here's another bass Dominator, clean, and at a very good price: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/W-E-M-dominator-bass-mk-1-amp-/151224576188 Specs give the wrong wattage, though. It's 15W, not 50W. 50W is the rating of the Celestion driver. In fact, all the specs seem to have just been read from the speaker label! Kinda tempted, myself...
  8. Any idea of the provenance of the replacement Jazz pup? And what's the action height like, with the new BBOT?
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