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  1. i'm open to anything interesting. been wanting an M5, fm4 or subdecay prometheus for a while. what you thinking? thought this box might be of interest to you actually
  2. BBE Sonic Maximizer for sale. Previous sale fell through so back up. As shown in picture. Great condition. £50 Split postage
  3. i think they're bolted on. spring-loaded. pm me your details and i'll see what i can do. like i said, it's not defo sold but i promised the other guy i'd hold til tomorrow. if i hear nothing then you're in. it's in great condition.
  4. Looks like it mate. Just waiting on a defo tomorrow morning. were you interested?
  5. It just says BBE Sonic Maximizer 882. Let me know if that's the one you want
  6. Got these two rack units for sale. Korg DTR1 Tuner - £70 BBE Sonic Maximiser - £50 Also have the flightcase shown for sale. Is £40 resonable??? Based in Leeds. Split the postage.
  7. WT800 now sold. Possible buyer for the cab in the next couple of weeks but anyone interested before then get in touch.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. [attachment=109312:photo (2).JPG]As per title. Imported this from Graig Markel recently but with a wee child on the way this must go. I was after something with a square wave bit crushing thing going on and this does the job. Just not getting enough use for me to warrant hanging on for the perfect moment. Absolutely brand new. No marks. Didn't even put it on my board so no velcro or anything. I'll include the brand new power supply too. In the box it came in. However its just a generic box that the man himself packed it in. Got the bilf it came with - a manual of sorts etc. Must be pretty rare over here. I paid just over 200 inc power supply. I'll accept £150 inc postage in UK. I'll sort some pics tomorrow [url="http://www.graigmarkelmusic.com/Graig_Markel_Music/Sound_Destruction_Device.html"]http://www.graigmark...ion_Device.html[/url]
  10. yep. i was in the same position as you when i got my RH450. Had a 2x10 and 15 Trace from a previous rig. I thought they paired nicely and shifted some air. Although at the time i was happy with the sound, when i eventually got hold of a cheap RS212 it took the RH to a different level in my opinion. My advice would be to go for it with your existing cab. Then it'll be all the sweeter when you get the matching cabs!
  11. hey ant. my mate's just been driving you boys to a couple of gigs me thinks. you ever wanna loan the pearl let me know. not getting too much use so have it for a night or two if ya dig? now there's some bass love
  12. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1337347525' post='1658598'] Pearl octaver does one up. I think a BCer is working on a clone. I'll chase him up. [/quote] +1 for this. great pedal
  13. these normally go like hot cakes round these parts. won't be around long. have a sub bump
  14. i had an issue this week so you have my sympathy. some guy on here spent several messages haggling over a price. then we had an agreement. then he backed out the very next day. it does seem some people have far too much time on their hands to play games. saying that, i've bought and sold plenty on this here lovely site with no problems. this was my first negative experience (ish).
  15. [quote name='king_david88' timestamp='1336773304' post='1651026'] How much without the maximizer? [/quote] I'd knock off 50 quid. No idea how much they're worth to be honest but to me it's not worth much
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