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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. right ye are then. thats a bit of a bugger then! its the sound destruction device by graig markel. awesome sounding creation but unfortunately i didnt even bother thinking about power (like a noob). i guess i'll have to pop down maplins and ask those guys. cheers for the input guys
  3. Just got something from the states and it requires '15vdc, 1amp (1000ma), negative tip'. I've not come across this before. Anyone know of anywhere i can pick one up from? Or am i just having a wee case of 'lost in translation' with my yankee counterparts?
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I'm looking for an octave pedal that adds both the high and low octave simultaneously. What's out there? And whats the best? I've seen the EHX Microsynth can do this but not sure whether i can bypass all the synthy stuff and just take the octave sound. Never used one so not sure about tracking, tone etc. I've currently got the MXR BOD and love the tone of that but alas i need that upper octave too Cheers
  6. [quote name='simwells' timestamp='1322078737' post='1446338'] Not interested in a trade for a 70s Columbus Jazz and cash are you? If not very tempted and I may be in touch if I manage to shift my old car soon. [/quote] just cash i'm afraid matey
  7. you could get close to that sound but dont think you'll nail it. depends how close you want i guess? and whether its worth the hassle of carrying a pedal or 2 more??
  8. Perfect condition. Both boxed with power supply. SOLD
  9. i haven't really used the sd-1 but the juice can give you some nice fuzz sounds with the boost switch on. not the best in my opinion but thats just my taste. however i use it to add some dirt to almost everything i play then hit the boost to give a little lift as and when. i do still have several fuzz and distortion pedals on my board for my needs. in short - for dirt yes, for fuzz, maybe not. worth checking out. also, its a pedal that doesn't seem to get much love around these parts which confuses me as its a staple for me.
  10. nice! just to clarify, is it possible to recreate the bass sound in this bands song using just my bass, amp and some kind of effect? ie what effect is being used within the track. by the by, the track is not something i like, just the bass sound that drops in the first verse cheers
  11. is this possible with mi geetar and how? thanks [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgvK78jHUnA"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgvK78jHUnA[/url]
  12. not sure what you're looking for but look at the subdecay noisebox. maybe not ideal for you but you can get some pretty far out sounds
  13. If I had the funds then I would have this in a second. Have a bump on me
  14. agreed. not a fan of the syb-5. you can get some good fun sounds but nothing i've managed to get into a track. used it live for some self-indulgence but nothing else. for cheap i'd defo recommend the digitech bass synth wah. pick one up for about 40 quid and it still gets a look in on my board
  15. Got a Trace Elliot 1028H to sell as it's now surplus to requirements. it's been fairly well gigged but still in decent nick. Works perfectly, just a few minor cosmetic blemishes. Still have the cover. I'll be getting some photos up at the end of this week when I get to the studio but wanted to see if there was any interest. £180 ONO Pick up preferred, Leeds area. Can transport to a reasonable distance
  16. [quote name='TomTFS' post='1363200' date='Sep 5 2011, 06:20 PM'] Looks like some kind of Fulltone, an MXR M80, Boss Graphic, tuner, delay, noise suppressor, plus the vocal effect thing and reverb? Also an EHX POG and Digitech looper/delay and a danelectro pedal. You can find the exact ones yourself. [/quote] Nice work mate!
  17. So, i've been listening to The Joy Formidable album for a while now and really dig the bass tone throughout. Been searching around t'web for some info on what he's using effect-wise but to no avail. Can anyone shed any light/hazard a guess? From what i can gather there's quite a few.... cheers
  18. ahhh. i may be missing something here then. pretty new to this ohms game. just got an old wt800 with a D410XST. trying to get another cab so i can leaved one at a studio and leave one at home. pretty heavy beast this cab i got and my back will not thank me shifting around too much. also trying to get my head around the inputs from amp to cab etc. like i say, i'm used to newer gear which i just plugged in with no thought. i do have a trace 2x10 which says 8ohm which would be fine for home but currently the eden is connected via some prongy (tech talk) things rather than the jack. there is a jack input in the amp which i was told would cut the power by half or something. any advice from owners or more knowledgable folk would be most appreciated. just don't want to blow the amp. cheers guys (with an embarassed vacant stare
  19. looking at sorting a new cab but needs to be 8hm. ideally wanting a 6x10. what are my options and what are the best out there? cheers
  20. got a eden WT800A and trying to get my head round ohms etc. kinda got the idea (?) but wanted a simple answer to this wee question before i potentially melt it. can i plug the head into a trace elliot 1028H. it says 8 ohms on the cab so presume that its possible? thanks in advance p
  21. [quote name='AndyZed750' post='1292395' date='Jul 4 2011, 04:40 PM']Offers?[/quote] hi what sort of stuff would you be looking at in the way of trades for the geb?
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