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  1. That’s good to hear. Especially as I just bought this exact setup!!
  2. Holy moly!! Looks like the deal breaker!! Thanks👌
  3. Soooooooo, Sorted the cab from some lovely chap on here. I’m looking at this ashdown rm500 which people think would pair nicely with the BC super compact. But the spec states the head being 4ohm and the cab is 8ohm. I don’t understand how they merge?
  4. Awesome prices!! Whats the general opinion on this kit?
  5. I’ve got the BDDI. Is the sadowsky a better option?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. LOVE the look of that quilter. No fuss. Thinking maybe 4x10 may be a little too large for my spec currently. Thanks tho!!!🤘
  8. Cool. Sooooooo many options🤦‍♂️
  9. Hey that’s awesome of you! Think these barefaced super compact are defo winning in the cab race! Guessing plenty have tried the terror 500 paired with one? Any good?
  10. Hey thanks! Not used ashdown kit for a decade or so! Guessing they’ve upped their game.
  11. Can go to maybe a grand all in. Totally cool with used. Used TC, terror bass, ampeg svt and old trace in the past. Never tried these barefaced or many class d’s. Hence advice needed!!🧐
  12. Hi, been a while Gonna start playing the bass again. Need to get an amp/cab but needs to be lightweight but killer sounding. Rock genre, simple setup (bddi, fuzz, oc-2). Any suggestions would be much appreciated Ta very much
  13. Sent amp back to orange. The FET shorted and blew a internal fuse. They sorted at no cost and sent it back. Top service from orange!
  14. Don't suppose you're taking a nice Xmas break in sunny Yorkshire this year??
  15. Spoke to someone who's fixed a few of these and he suggests it's the power module that needs replacing. Apparently I have to send to orange. Gonna cost 100 bish. Gutted. Thanks for all the help tho!!
  16. I've tried several different speakon cables and speakon to jack. How do I sort the potential dodgy input on the amp???
  17. Sorry, forgot to mention, it still has no sound coming out. Oops
  18. Had this amp a couple of years. Used minimally. Recently sold it to a friend and he used it a couple of times and told me it now doesn't work. He's not trying it on, it really doesn't. The orange light turns on and the fan seems to be working. There's just no sound coming out. I've tried several cabs, same with all. Did a wee bit of research and figured I'd switch the valves out and see if maybe they'd died or had become faulty. Bought some new uns from the lovely folk at Watford valves and they glow and seem fine. NB the previous/original ones glowed too. Im a total leyman at this. Any ideas??
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