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My band released their 1st vinyl this week


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The psychedelic funk collective I play in released our 1st 45rpm vinyl this week. We did a limited edition of 5” clear vinyl lathe cuts plus digital downloads for the non-physical-format folks. The lathe cuts sold out in a few hours. I was expecting them to take weeks to shift as we’re only a studio concern and have zero live following. Next time tho we will press more physical copies 😎



The little 5” lathe cuts turned out to be a winner. I thought we’d be saddled with unsold copies forever 😂



Hope the next ones go okay too.


Btw, nobody seemed to mind that we used a cassette 4-track to make a record with. Or a cheapo Squier Jazz bass. If we can do it, anyone can! 😎


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4 minutes ago, PaulThePlug said:

From 'The-Off'....Air (La Femme... Moon Safari) meets 70' Film Incidental Muisc (Think 'Bullitt')... Both of which i love.

But, where is the rest of it?

Over too soon... Link to more please.

@metermanSweet tone...

Thank you, and pretty close to the mark influence wise. Our other big faves were early A Certain Ratio, and Can and the early US post punk scene, things like Liquid Liquid or ESG. All the records that got sampled for early hip hop records basically.


And yeah, the 45 had to be an edit as a 5” single can only fit 2 minutes per side. The album version will be nearer 6 minutes. With more Minimoog. And Mellotron. And more percussion breaks. 👍

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